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  • Supreme Court: Randall Terry and
    Pro-lifers to Disrupt Planned Parenthood event
    WASHINGTON, July 9, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, and group a of pro-life activists to disrupt Planned Parenthood Supreme Court gathering.
    Planned Parenthood has announced a "rally" at the Supreme Court to decry whoever is President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.
    "Heckle and Disrupt."

    Pro-life leader Randall Terry, and a group of DC veteran pro-life activists will be on hand to heckle the Planned Parenthood child-killers, and to show support for President Trump's nominee.

    In an earlier press release, Mr. Terry made the following comments:
    "I am appalled by the lack of courage and forthrightness from various so-called 'pro-life' members of the Senate. They need to openly demand that we overturn Roe, not pretend that it is one issue among many.

    "I voted for President Trump because he promised to appoint Justices that would overturn Roe, and stop the killing of babies. We are holding this vigil in the hopes that President Trump is keeping his word, and to show support for his nominee - if that nominee will overturn Roe. 

    "Our hope is that the Republican controlled Senate will show courage and resolve on behalf of the babies, and will own the fact that they want to overturn Roe. The time for hiding, equivocation, and duplicity is past. 

    "The babies, and the pro-life movement NEED this fight. Abortion is murder; Roe vs. Wade was a treasonous act against God and man. It is time for the pro-abortion cause to be exposed for what it is - the killing of innocent babies. The time is ripe to overturn Roe."
    See an older "profile piece" on Mr. Terry from when Mr. Terry was running for President, written by Matt Labesh for 
    The Weekly Standardat:

    Mr. Terry has been featured in the 
    New York Times, the Washington PostRolling Stone, and Time Magazine; he has been on Oprah Winfrey, 60 Minutes, Sean Hannity, and hundreds of TV and radio shows across the world, advocating for the end of child-killing by abortion.
    See more at

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  • Through the prayers, O Merciful [Savior], of the Theotokos [Ever Blessed Virgin Mary], guide and protect Randall and save him.
    Lord have mercy.

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  • I understand that Mr. Terry is a convert.

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  • Wow, he's still at it! Deo gratias!

    Here's the original article sans tracking links:

    From his webpage:

    In the News
    Randall and family travel to different cities to call on Senator Joe Manchin (D) to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court
    Huntington, WV - 9:30 AM Wednesday
    Charleston, WV - 11:30 AM Wednesday
    Parkersburg, WV - 2:30 PM Wednesday
    Fairmont, WV - 9:30 AM Thursday
    Virginia  TBA
    Kentucky  TBA
    Possibly Indiana  TBA

    "We are assessing where we can have the most impact for Kavanaugh's Confirmation! "
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