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The dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated
« on: December 17, 2020, 11:02:43 AM »
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  • Dr. Leonard Coldwell

    • The dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated
      Posted: 16 Dec 2020 08:54 AM PST
      The dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated
      11/10/2020 / By Cassie B.

      As the new fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology rolls out around the world, it is important to keep in mind that its widespread use does not mean that it is safe. In fact, many studies have shown quite the opposite, prompting moratoriums and bans in some areas.
      Here is a closer look at some of the biggest dangers posed by 5G technology.
      1.    Your body can absorb it like an antenna.
      Perhaps one of the most disturbing things about 5G is the fact that its frequencies can affect your sweat ducts, which essentially serve as antennas. According to scientist Dr. Paul Ben-Ishai, 5G frequencies hit the body with wavelengths that interact with the geometrical structure of skin, with the sweat duct playing an important role in absorbing the energy. That alone should be enough to prompt a much closer look at the safety of this technology before it is rolled out everywhere.
      2.    It may cause cancer.
      The millimeter wave frequencies used by 5G have been shown to cause mitochondrial DNA damage, which can be passed down for generations. And when something is dangerous and powerful enough to lead to DNA damage, there is a good chance that it can also cause cancer. Unfortunately, in the rush to get 5G out to the masses, there has not been enough time to conduct proper long-term safety tests. However, we do have a lot of evidence showing that 2G, 3G and 4G can cause many types of cancer, including brain cancer.
      3.   It may replicate inside the body.
      Long before 5G technology was inexplicably approved, RF researcher Arthur Firstenberg published an analysis showing how 5G can actually replicate inside the body thanks to its short EM pulses that are delivered in bursts. This means it can actually end up creating tiny new 5G antennas inside the body. 5G penetration therefore poses a very serious danger.
      4.    Insurance companies want nothing to do with it.
      Big-name insurance companies such as Lloyds of London have made headlines for refusing to insure telecommunications firms against illnesses and claims related to Wi-Fi and 5G. In fact, a report written by the risk assessment team of Lloyds of London compares wireless technologies to asbestos in the sense that early research on asbestos was considered inconclusive but it later became clear that it can indeed cause cancer. This report was published nearly a decade ago, and even then, their risk assessment team had the foresight to anticipate that new evidence could emerge showing that Wi-Fi frequencies can cause illnesses like cancer.
      5.    It has already made some people sick.
      A group of firefighters in San Francisco said that they started to experience unusual side effects after the installation of 5G equipment in and around their fire houses. Some of the symptoms included confusion and memory problems, and they went away after the firefighters relocated to different fire stations that are situated away from 5G devices.
      6.    It is harming animals.
      In addition, hundreds of birds actually fell out of the sky in the Netherlands while a 5G test was being carried out in the Hague. Many of them died suddenly at once, falling down into a public park directly across the street from where the new 5G mast had just been installed. Area ducks also started to act strangely. Meanwhile, insects who are exposed to 5G have seen their body temperature increase, something that does not happen to them upon exposure to 4G or Wi-Fi.
      The bottom line is that the dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated. It’s bad for animals, it’s bad for people, and it’s especially bad for young children, whose small body sizes and developing brains make them particularly vulnerable. There are many signs that the long-term effects of all this 5G exposure could be absolutely devastating.
      Sources for this article include:
      Originally posted: The dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated (
      Author: Cassie B.
      The post The dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated appeared first on Dr. Leonard Coldwell.
      Radiation exposure can increase risk of hypertension – even in LOW doses
      Posted: 16 Dec 2020 08:52 AM PST
      A person regularly exposed to low-dose radiation is more likely to increase his risk of hypertension, says a research team from Russia. In their report, which was published in the journal Hypertension, the team looked at the health records of people working in a nuclear power plant in Russia and found that nearly 40 percent were diagnosed with hypertension. The team also noted that the incidence of hypertension in workers was significantly associated with the cumulative dose of radiation.
      The results are worrying, as it has implications not only for workers’ health but also for the general public. For everyone’s safety, protection principles against radiation and dose limits should be strictly implemented, said the researchers.
      But these measures will be challenging, especially with the impending rollout of 5G in cell phones in several countries. This particular technology has been linked to electromagnetic radiation, although the electromagnetic waves it sends out differ from those emitted in a nuclear plant.
      Low doses of radiation linked to hypertension
      Based on earlier studies, exposure to high doses of radiation may increase a person’s risk of developing — even dying from — cardiovascular disease. However, little information exists on the link between radiation exposure and high blood pressure.
      For the report, the team looked at over 22,000 workers at the Mayak Production Association, a location where employees are regularly exposed to low doses of ionizing radiation. The workers included were hired between 1948 and 1982 and had stayed with the company for an average of 18 years. All workers had comprehensive health check-ups, were provided screening tests and given advanced evaluations every five years.
      After their analysis, the researchers found that more than 8,400 workers — or 38 percent of the group — were diagnosed with hypertension. They noted that this incidence was likely associated with the cumulative dose of radiation absorbed by the workers. To note, the incidence of people with hypertension in Mayak was higher than that of Japanese survivors of the 1945 bσɱbing but lower than estimates for clean-up workers of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
      “We now have evidence suggesting that radiation exposure may also lead to increased risks of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease, as well,” said Tamara Azizova, the corresponding author for the report. She also added that while radiation exposure was typically associated with cancer, the findings also highlighted the health consequences of radiation exposure, in particular, among non-cancer health outcomes.
      Findings pose serious concerns about 5G danger
      The study’s findings come with the emergence of 5G technology in many countries, including the United States. But for people to use 5G, base stations must first be installed every few hundred feet since the electromagnetic waves it uses cannot travel long distances. This network densification, in particular, has sparked concerns about how 5G can also increase exposure to harmful radiation.
      What’s more concerning is that 5G is being rolled out even though its effects on human health are still unclear. Niels Kuster, the founder and director of the Swiss Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society, said that it remains unknown how radiation from 5G technology interferes with the body. (Related: Users beware: Health threats of smartphone radiation and wireless devices.)
      Some studies link telecommunication equipment to cancer, and a handful of people living near cell towers previously reported experiencing headaches, nausea or rashes. Nothing, however, is conclusive.
      While the jury is still out about what exactly radiation from 5G does to the body, the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France decided to classify electromagnetic radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” has more on the effects of radiation on health.
      Sources include:
      Originally posted: Radiation exposure can increase risk of hypertension – even in LOW doses (
      Author: Virgilio Marin
      The post Radiation exposure can increase risk of hypertension – even in LOW doses appeared first on Dr. Leonard Coldwell.

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    Re: The dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated
    « Reply #1 on: December 17, 2020, 01:10:36 PM »
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  • Glad I live in the country, and set far back from the street, at that. They'd have to come ON MY PROPERTY and plant 5G antennas on my own land to get significant 5G radiation close to my home.

    5G is unlike any other cell service, or even WIFI, because anything can block it. It doesn't travel far. So it only makes economic sense in the city, in relatively high-density areas. Rural areas on 5 acre plots? Not so much. Especially since some rural residents have a bunch of trees, bushes, and other features in their front yard which would block everything even if an antenna were placed on the street in front of their house! 5G is several orders of magnitude more "blockable" than 2G, 3G, and 4G ever were.

    You'd have to have one antenna on a pole on the street, in front of each and every house! And why? What would be in it for them, if most of those homes weren't paying a thing for 5G? Just for starters, there's no subdivision, HOA, or city to pay for it, when you don't live in the city limits or under an HOA. The COUNTY would have to do it. Or the state, or US government. And at those levels, the project (to 5G every Texan, or every American) would be ridiculously expensive.

    And if they ever tried that, it would be a shame if something happened to the 5G antennas on my street ;)
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    Re: The dangers of 5G pollution cannot be overstated
    « Reply #2 on: December 20, 2020, 12:37:57 PM »
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  • They are putting 5 g on towers on farm fields. They are on water towers, cell phone towers.  And on senior living buildings.  But we never saw them install them. They offer people big money.  

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