Author Topic: Who is still naive about Traditional Catholics?  (Read 786 times)

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Who is still naive about Traditional Catholics?
« on: August 19, 2016, 01:19:01 PM »
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  • Let's put it this way: how many of you imagine that your priest has heard these things in the confessional:
    (Or, he SHOULD hear these things, if the offenders had the good will to repent for their sins!)

    Drunk driving
    Cocaine/Heroin/Crack/Meth and other hard illegal drug use (forget marijuana!)
    Practicing the Occult
    Serious fighting, causing someone to end up in the hospital
    Pornography use
    Creating/distributing pornography
    Child abuse
    Grand larceny
    Grand theft auto (not the game, I'm talking about stealing cars)
    Wife beating
    Complete Adultery
    Birth Control use
    Actively promoting (not just voting for) communist, anti-Catholic, seriously pro-abortion politicians like Obama and the Clintons

    If you think to yourself, "Nah.... I doubt it!" then congratulations! You're still innocent and naive about how good and special Traditional Catholics are. They might attend a better Mass, and maybe more of them "try to be good" compared with the general population (since they have to stand up for the Faith somewhat) but there is still plenty of sin, and I mean serious, grave sin.

    Trad Catholics are still human, and among their number there are those guilty of a lot more serious sins than the commonplace "I got angry", "I was impatient", "I disobeyed my parents", "I was distracted during the Rosary", or "I shopped on Sunday".

    Those are the kind of pecadillos or "fashionable" sins you don't care if people find out about, or they're things that most Catholics were guilty of at some point.

    I think if we knew what sins our fellow parishioners were guilty of, some of us would leave our children with a babysitter every Sunday, and some would even give up the Faith, stop going to Mass, and/or despair.
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    Who is still naive about Traditional Catholics?
    « Reply #1 on: August 29, 2016, 10:32:49 AM »
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  • Well spake Mathew !
    Over a lifetime of attending various 'churches', I haven't always been a catholic; I arrived at the observation that "the mix" of parishioners was almost the exact same percentages as "the mix" of non church goers.
    This applied even amongst the traditional catholic chapels.
    The niavity of those raised within an often cult-like environment is very sad, particularly amongst those who have been able to avoid engaging with the world via regular / steady paid employment etc., or any other activity that would assist in the development of common sense / practicality.


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