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Author Topic: Weird! My Uncle Who Told me Not to Listen Music I Have Listened to......  (Read 302 times)

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Is finding so-called Contemporary Christian music to have catchy melodies and beats. He only listens to some of it because the alarm on his clock quit working and he needs a radio station to wake up to.

For many years I was telling him how influential music is when , Heavy Metal, Hard Rock-rock. New-age, Pop, Classical, and forms of Electronic are combined into very catchy melodies and beats. It is very interesting how mainstream this sound now is and how many people who would have claimed to only like traditional Country and Classical music like my uncle are now finding modern music like mine which mixes many styles to be very catchy.

My uncle admitted this music is so catchy, he even finds it tempting to not pray the rosary in the morning.

A lot of this modern music can be traced back to influences from the 90s' (modern Heavy Metal and the 90's Goth were combined with more slick influences of 80s' pop and 70s' Classic Rock).

Even my brother finds modern Heavy Metal music I have had since the 90s' to be the most influential sound of music in modern times because of the influence of combining many musical styles.

My uncle finding so-called Contemporary Christian Music to be catchy only proves to me I was right on how dangerously influential this type of music can be. Not only do many Contemporary Christian songs promote crowd delusion, sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll, many of these songs also dull the intellect, leading us away from Christ and into Satan.
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