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Author Topic: time to reconsider using Amazon  (Read 1342 times)

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Re: time to reconsider using Amazon..Manoppello hoax shows up (!)
« Reply #15 on: June 26, 2018, 06:05:56 PM »
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    Hello, I am writing to tell you something interesting.  I ordered Devotion to the Sacred Heart from amazon, choosing an book that was claimed as like new, the cover of which was shown very small.  Usually the cover image is clear and displayed larger, by amazon.  In this case, SuperBookDeals has several versions of the book, new and used, on offer.  I chose the best price for what seemed the best quality and thought no more about it.  The book arrived, and lo and behold, the Manoppello image was on the cover.  Because it makes Christ look effeminate it causes distress to say the least; on seeing it, I also remembered something about a "Manoppello Hoax" - and lo again, found the article on your website.

    I'm going to learn soon I guess whether amazon and superbookdeals will pay for shipping for me to return it; in any case, from my mail to them including a link to the article on your site at least a few people over there know a little more than they did (!)  If they read the mail; I'm not 'giving in' right away and just paying to ship back.... by the time I do if I have to some more people will be clued in.  

    The book was reprinted by a re-printer , has no copyright notice, but is in perfect condition.  "They"  could have chosen any of a large number of images to put on the cover.  That they chose that one makes me suspect they are against Christ, and the fact that amazon did this to save money with a third party supplier I guess they are called made my 'conspiracy theory' side light up a bit.
    Learned  by listening recently to the audio of The Life:  St. Terese of Jesus wanted to see Christ's eyes but did not get to - that information is in either Ch. 28 or 29.   He showed her his hands first, and later his face.  What is absolutely NOT going to happen is we get to see Christ's eyes in any purported miraculous image.  If you see them, it's a fake.  I did get my money back and returned the book and didn't have to pay shipping and some people learned about The Holy Face in the process.


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