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Title: The American Brat
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Title: Re: The American Brat
Post by: Bonaventure on December 11, 2019, 09:05:20 AM
Gotta remember... this is teevee, and daytime teevee no less.  More than likely, it's all made up.

To wit...

Several years ago, there was an online persona on Youtube by the name of Dallasgoldbug.  His YT channel has since been long deleted. His vids were all about how just about everyone you see on the teevee, from the Dr. Phil show to on-the-scene news reports by eyewitnesses, were all 'crisis actors.'  Now, while some of his conclusions were a bit out there, for many others it was quite clear that, and especially in regards to the cable news networks, crisis actors were employed to act as eyewitnesses, including school shootings and such.  The very same actors were used in different roles for different events.

Here is one of the more prominent Dallasgoldbug offerings:

As an example, if you fast-forward to about the 19-minute mark, I distinctly recall many years ago surfing through the channels--prior to when I dropped cable--when I came across a reality show called "Millionaire Matchmaker."  The show was about a matchmaker in NYC who put wealthy singles in touch with one another.  For whatever reason, the five- or six-minutes that I watched this show, it was dealing with this single woman in her early thirties who was a self-made millionaire by starting and operating... get this... a dog walking business.  What?  No way.  Totally unbelievable.  I changed the channel, convinced the show was all fake.  Lo and behold, Dallasgoldbug uses this very same show, and it is clear that the woman was an actor, and that she played other roles in "news" programs, always with a different character/persona.  

The propaganda wars are real, and there is very little out there one can trust anymore.

BTW, when Dallasgoldbug was on YT, it was him and maybe one or two others who were bringing to light the use of 'crisis actors' in news reporting.  Go and do a search now, and all you will get are hundreds of videos supposedly 'debunking' any 'conspiracy' that crisis actors are used.  That in and of itself should tell you something.