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Modesty and how to dress
« Reply #165 on: October 05, 2010, 11:28:59 AM »
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  • Quote from: clare
    Quote from: Matthew

    It's a question of mortification and orienting one's soul toward a main goal (being with God forever). Every choice you make either helps you or hurts you.

    Surely some choices make no difference. Whether to wear the red striped shirt or the plain blue one, for example.

    You're not more likely to be saved or damned whichever you choose in such cases.

    I need a traffic directing smilie.
    "I think that Catholicism, that's as sane as people can get."  - Jordan Peterson

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    Modesty and how to dress
    « Reply #166 on: December 21, 2012, 12:59:31 PM »
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  • In our area, there are modesty clothing stores that cater to Jewish or Muslims.

    Where is the modesty clothing stores for traditional Catholics.

    I look at my Irish Catholic Grandmom.  She never wore pants, work in yard and did everything in a dress.  And her hair was long, thin, wavy  and beautiful.  She always wore it in a bun.  At night she would let it down and brush it.

    I  wore sometimes wore short tight skirts and dresses during 80's.  When we were in middle school, I was made fun of because my MOm would dress us in dresses for school while most were wearing designer Jeans.  

    Growing up we had dresses for Church and School.
    we had play clothes.

    On the farm, I usually wear pants.    One has to be more careful of wearing a dress because of machinery.  It is cooler to wear a dress in summer.  

    when i worked for police department as clerk I wore uniform and chose skirt below my knee.    

    i like being and looking like a woman; not man.

    Right I'm getting rid of high heels and getting more conservative shoes, wearing less makeup.  ( I stopped wearing pantyhose a long time ago anyway because it costs too much).  I recentl bought a nice skirt, a conservative dress and  a denim skirt (not for Mass no more.)

    Would like to get wool stockings... getting cold.  

    Someone mentioned about having a pageant or dress up tea showing examples of how to dress.  

    There should be one made for public as to show that young girls can still be beautiful without heavy makeup, tattoos, peircings and scanty faddish clothing.

    To live with the Saints in Heaven is all bliss and glory....To live with the saints on Earth is just another story!  (unknown)

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    Modesty and how to dress
    « Reply #167 on: December 21, 2012, 04:41:10 PM »
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  • Sounds like you're moving in the right direction! :)

    'The body should be bedecked naturally and without affectation, with simplicity, with neglect rather than nicety, not with costly and dazzling apparel, but with ordinary clothes, so that nothing be lacking to honesty and necessity, yet nothing be added to increase its beauty.'

    St. Ambrose, Father and Doctor of the Church

    'I hold that not only virgins and widows, but also wives and all women without exception, should be admonished that nowise should they deface God's work and fabric, the clay that He has fashioned, with the aid of yellow pigments, black powders or rouge, or by applying any dye that alters the natural features. . . They lay hands on God, when they strive to reform what He has formed. This is an assault on the Divine handiwork, a distortion of the truth.'

    St. Cyprian of Carthage



    'Flores apparuerunt in terra nostra. . . Fulcite me floribus.' (The flowers appear on the earth. . . stay me up with flowers. Sg 2:12,5)'-


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