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Miracles on Tap
« on: April 05, 2012, 11:57:34 AM »
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  • I started reading this book a few days ago. Miracles on Tap was written by Frank Duff.
    Number 76 Harcourt Street became home to the first Legion hostel, the ‘Sancta Maria’ which was operated by the second branch, or praesidium, of the Legion. The two women from the praesidium who took charge at the ‘Sancta Maria’, and who resided there, were Miss Plunkett and Miss Scratton. Miss Scratton’s father, a convert, had come to Dublin with Newman and had resided for a time at Number 76. The hostel continued to serve its purpose for over 50 years until 1974. When two girls left the hostel and moved to the north side of the city, their Legion friends went to visit them and the sequel was the visitation and closure of the entire ‘Monto’ network, a story which has been told by Frank Duff in Miracles on Tap (Duff, 1989).

    I used to volunteer with the  Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Dublin every friday night but did help out the Legion of Mary once at their hostel for men in Dublin. A very humbling experience.It was over ten years ago. One humbling experience was tying the shoelaces of an elderly homeless man. The hostel closed during the day so he had to walk the streets of Dublin.  He asked me to make sure the knot was tight as he wouldn't of been able to tie his shoelaces without assistance. Tragic. He probably is dead now.

    I only ever met him the once. Other duties at the hostel was making the beds and getting the breakfast for the guests.

    I assisted the Legion again several years later. I visited a nursing home. I discussed the faith with the residents.

    Have many here read the book? It's very thought provoking and the Catholic social teachings are vital in our society

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    Miracles on Tap
    « Reply #1 on: April 29, 2012, 06:04:47 PM »
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  • I agree!  Social! Yuck!  St. Vincent De Paul was founded on going door-to-door to make sure the residence had access to the sacraments.  Giving material goods was not the focus.  If those who needed sacraments and the Graces, it could make for a saved soul and material needs to come.  The Blue Army did this as well.  When you help them in this way, it makes for a better life on earth and for heaven.  The Church also had a society of the Sacred Heart for member who were struggling with alcohol and such.  They were to follow the rules of sacraments Often and to make the meetings.  If you recall, you hear of the 12 step program.  They claim maybe 10% cures. NOt much, but are the 10% Catholic receiving sacraments?  The 12 step has no powers of the Precious Blood, no graces to give help.  I told this to my son to rise above gambling.  I told him about the 12 step.  I told him that it might be OK to go before them and say you are what you are, but after that they can give nothing.  When Jesus Christ came and shed his blood, this is what is needed in our whole life time on earth.  Nothing else will do.  And the sacraments must be valid and true.  If not, you get nothing.  If you speak Social teachings that is nothing.  Truth is there is a remnant of valid sacraments, seek them out!!


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