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Title: Martyr complex
Post by: Matthew on December 06, 2012, 07:48:35 AM
Do you know anyone who brings lots of suffering, worry, etc. upon themselves?

I know of one traditional Catholic who went against the advice of her entire extended family, stubbornly holding to her own viewpoint, and is now in constant worry about such basics as having a roof over her head.

Can such a person cleave to confidence in St. Joseph, etc. when it is her own will that caused the crisis to begin with?

In other words, there are two kinds of sufferings:

A) Those that happen because of chance, God's providence, etc.
B) Those that are the direct result of one's will -- for example, suffering venereal disease due to one's choice to wallow in impurity.

Can a person with Type B sufferings lay claim to God's special protection? Even though the current sufferings are the result of sins and/or imprudence?

It reminds me of a parable:

There is a huge flood, and a man barely escapes with his life by climbing on the roof of his house.

After a while, rescue teams set out to find survivors.

One group in a boat sees the man on his roof, and calls out, "We're here to rescue you!" but he replies, "Don't worry about it -- I trust that God will take care of me!"

Later on, a helicopter finds him, but the man gives the same response.

Finally, another helicopter finds him, but the man still waved them on, expressing his utmost confidence in God's protection.

After the second helicopter went out of sight, the man's house started to groan and creak, and soon it started to collapse. The waters rose higher and higher and soon swept the man off his roof, and he drowned.

Face to face with his Creator, the man asked God, "Why did you not take care of me, when I placed such trust in You?"

God replied, "What do you mean? I sent a boat and two helicopters!"
Title: Martyr complex
Post by: Telesphorus on December 06, 2012, 08:06:26 AM
You're talking about Dulcamara?