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Author Topic: Last Admonitions of the Holy King St. Louis IX of France  (Read 2437 times)

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Last Admonitions of the Holy King St. Louis IX of France
« on: August 25, 2016, 06:18:25 AM »
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  • These were the last admonitions of the holy king.

     The instructions which he gave to the heir of his crown, and which he had constantly observed himself, testify his great holiness. They are as follows:
     1. Love God, the Almighty, above everything.
     2. Flee sin more quickly than you would a serpent.
     3. Become not fainthearted in adversity.
     4. Become not elevated in the days of prosperity.
     5. Show the wounds of your soul frequently to your spiritual physician, and refuse no remedies, however bitter, to heal them.
     6. Pray diligently.
     7. Be compassionate and generous to the poor.
     8. If your mind is harassed with doubt, consult a devout man.
     9. Keep faithful and pious counsellors around you, and dismiss those who are wicked.
     10. All that is good hold fast: all that is bad discard.
     11. Lend a willing ear to those who speak of God.
     12. Listen not to calumniators and slanderers.
     13. So long as you reign, leave not unpunished those who blaspheme God and the Saints.
     14. First be grateful to God, then to men.
     15. Love and protect justice, and neither neglect nor despise the complaints of the needy.
     16. In your own affairs, when they are not perfectly clear, speak and act against yourself.
     17. Refund immediately the possessions of others.
     18. Protect the clergy.
     19. Love and honor your parents.
     20. If you are obliged to war against Christians, spare the churches and the convents.
     21. Endeavor to terminate all contentions with kindness.
     22. Guard all your officials with a watchful eye.
     23. Ever show due reverence to the Pope.
     24. Overstep not the bounds of moderation in your expenses.
     25. When I have departed, let prayers and Masses be said for the repose of my soul.


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