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My aunt M. is 84 years old, and my father and I️ are trying to help her continue to live at home on her own. She lives in a single family house, on 5 acres, on ________ in New Braunfels, TX. Her daughter is moving out today, so we are looking for someone who could live with her and provide basic care in exchange for rent and other expenses covered (this is negotiable). M is able to walk on her own with the assistance of a walker, and needs someone who could run errands such as grocery shopping. She already has a caregiver who will continue to visit 3 times each week for 4 hours. My father and I️ live in New York, so planning this is difficult to do from here. If you know someone in your church community who may be looking for a place to live, please let us know. Due to recent events, we are looking for someone to move in with M as soon as one week from now. Thanks so much for your time. If you can recommend someone, please contact my father with more information.

I have the contact info, but I'm not going to publish it on the Internet. So please contact me if interested.
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I have the contact info, but I'm not going to publish it on the Internet. So please contact me if interested.

Hello Matthew-

It might not be a bad idea to encourage this person to reach out to the closest SSPX Texas chapel (if there is one near this town) and make contact with the priest in this regard.

Often there are large families seeking at least summer work for their upper-teen children, and with the school year almost over, the timing might be good.  This would at least provide a short term solution (or, maybe a long term one).

Most chapels have some kind of bulletin board for this stuff, so if the priest will agree to allow the posting, it would be worth the try.

I know of several families who have found assistance in this way.


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