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New Beginnings
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:16:58 AM »
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    Every time a person begins a new profession or phase of life, he is faced with the tendency to be overcome by fear, frustration, and exhaustion.  It is easy to get distracted by the many challenges which can present themselves to an individual when he starts anything to which he is not accustomed.  It is good to remember; however, that God never gives a person more than they can handle.


    When acquiring a new profession, a man may not be completely familiar with all the aspects of his new job.  It may require days or maybe even weeks for him to be able to comfortably accomplish all the wishes of his employer without feeling frustrated or discouraged.  He may also have to be patience with the older employees, who may not easily trust him, in order to gain their respect and confidence.

    When a woman is expecting for the first time, the struggles and trials she faces may scare her neigh to death.  Her normal physical, social and emotional ways of life change, she is easily susceptible to illness, and sometimes the pains of the little body growing within her may seem unbearable.  Many of her favorite foods may become untouchable or make her sick, and she may have to survive on a diet which she would never have considered as a possible.

    When a young man or woman embraces the religious life, all of their past must normally be forgotten and they must live only for God and their neighbor.  They adopt a strict schedule and firm rules which they are bound under pain of sin to observe.  No longer are these professed men allowed to spend much time with women nor these avowed women generally permitted to associate with men.  They are also not allowed to claim anything as their own, but must now see all things they use as being on lease to them from God and their community.

    When a couple first marry, there is much about each other which usually remains unknown.  Each has their personal habits and imperfections which can cause their spouses to get annoyed with them, and constantly living with a person whom one does not fully understand can easily cause strife.  Many newly-weds often disagree on finances, how they want their house arranged, and how to raise their children.  Sometimes one of the spouses even abandons the Faith and the other spouse has to hang on with all of their strength in order to preserve the souls of himself and his children.


    The list of possible new beginnings and the struggles that come with them could go on and on.  I think; however, that the point has been made clear enough.  Life is not easy, especially when we have to undertake anything new.

    In order to survive the new and difficult undertakings we may face, we should arm ourselves with prayer, courage, and the determination to persevere until the end no matter the pain and suffering we may have to endure along the way.  We must learn to be patient, humble and unselfish.  Many people give up the good fight when they are near achieving victory.  Let us instead place all of our trust in God and have complete Faith that He will assist us until the end of any difficult endeavor.

    Faith can move mountains and also calm the pain, anxiety, and feeling of helplessness we may experience in our minds, bodies and souls.  Our Lord frequently gives us a helping hand or a friend when we least expect it.  He arranges details of our lives so that our affairs succeed and so that we have the necessities of life.  He can also make the most unlivable burden an easier weight to bear.  If we sincerely ask for it, He will always give us the strength we need to persevere unto the end and find our salvation.  Let us learn to recognize anything good that happens to us as a gift from God and a reminder that He is always watching over us as long as we try our best to live a virtuous life and believe in Him.  Without the assistance of God hardly anything is achievable; yet, with God’s help anything is possible.

    "Jesus, Meek and Humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine!"


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