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Title: Drugs, not Guns
Post by: SeanJohnson on May 26, 2022, 05:53:59 PM
Why don't they ask whether these mass killers are on drugs?

MAY 25, 2022

Why does nobody ever ask if drugs are involved in school shootings — or indeed other mass shootings — in the U.S. or anywhere else? 

The story is always reported in the same way. The horror is described. Grieving families are interviewed, though I personally would be glad to spare them the ordeal. Major politicians — often the President himself — join heartfelt calls for gun control. Then, after a few days, interest fades, except in the place where the murders took place where the pain endures for decades.

Yet here is a fascinating fact. The U.S. has been full of legal guns since it came into being. If anything, its gun laws are more restrictive now in some States than they have ever been. 

But mass shootings of the sort we now see all too often are quite a recent problem. They only really began in the 1960s. Can anyone think of anything else that only got going in Western societies in the 1960s? 

I can. It is the widespread use of legal and illegal drugs to alter our mental state. And a careful look at many of these mass shootings shows that — where the information is available — the shooters very often took such drugs. 

I have compiled this round-the-world list of such cases. ­Timothy McVeigh, the 1995 Oklahoma bomber, used cannabis and methamphetamine. Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer, took the steroid stanozolol and the quasi-amphetamine ephedrine. 
Brenton Tarrant, the mosque mass murderer in Christchurch, New Zealand, also took steroids. So did the 2017 London Bridge killers. 
Omar Mateen, culprit of the 2016 Orlando massacre, also took steroids, as did Raoul Moat, who in 2010 terrorised the North-East of England. So did the remorseless David Bieber, who killed a policeman and nearly murdered two others on a rampage in Leeds in 2003.
Eric hαɾɾιs, one of the culprits of the 1999 Columbine school shooting, took the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) antidepressant Luvox. His accomplice Dylan Klebold’s medical records remain (indefensibly) sealed, as do those of several other school killers. 
But we know for sure that Patrick Purdy, culprit of the 1989 Cleveland school shooting, and Jeff Weise, culprit of the 2005 Red Lake Senior High School shootings, had been taking antidepressants.
So had Michael McDermott, culprit of the 2000 Wakefield massacre in Massachusetts. So had Kip Kinkel, responsible for a 1998 murder spree in Oregon. So had Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings pilot who murdered all his passengers by flying his aircraft into a mountain. 
The Quebec mosque mass murderer Alexandre Bissonnette turned out later to have been taking the antidepressant Paxil. The San Bernardino killers, who murdered 14 people in December 2015, had been taking the benzodiazepine Xanax and the amphetamine Adderall.
The killers of Lee Rigby in London were cannabis users. So was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the killer of Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo in 2014 in Ottawa. So was Martin Couture-Rouleau, killer of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in St Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, also in October 2014, So was Jared Loughner, culprit of a 2011 mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona. So was the Leytonstone Tube station knife attacker. So is Satoshi Uematsu, filmed grinning at Japanese TV cameras after being accused of a horrible knife rampage in a home for the disabled in Sagamihara, which also goes to show that banning guns will not make us safe.  
When I checked the backgrounds of the culprits of the Charlie Hebdo murders, all had drugs records or connections. The same was true of the Bataclan gang in Paris, of the Tunis beach killer and of the Thalys train terrorist. 
It is also true of the two young men who murdered a defenceless and aged priest, Jacques Hamel, near Rouen in 2016. One of them had also been hospitalised as a teenager for mental disorders and so almost certainly prescribed powerful psychiatric drugs. 
They were not exceptional. As an experienced Paris journalist said to me recently: ‘After covering all of the recent terrorist attacks here, I’d conclude that the hit-and-die killers involved all spent the vast majority of their miserable lives smoking cannabis while playing hugely violent video games.’ 
The Nice mass killer, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, who in July 2016 murdered 86 people with a truck rather than a gun or knife, had been smoking marijuana and taking mind-altering prescription drugs, almost certainly antidepressants.
Alas, the information about such people’s drug use is not available, or does not emerge until long afterwards. The near-collapse of enforcement of the marijuana laws means that fewer and fewer of the drug’s users have recorded arrests or convictions.    
My experience in this country is that the police are very reluctant to discuss the role of illegal drugs in violence. This is, I think, usually because I am the only person asking and they do not want to discuss it. So they do not have to. Yet an appalling number of violent crimes are committed in this country by drug abusers, especially marijuana abusers, as Ross Grainger’s website docuмents in grim and growing detail.  Mr Grainger has repeatedly tried to get official inquiries to take note of his survey, but with little success. 
I have even sought the help of the Information Commissioner to get police in this country to admit that they aren’t much interested in drug abuse by the perpetrators of extreme, crazy violent crimes. They aren’t. But they should be, and if more people in the media were interested, the police too would have to be more interested.
But I suspect that, having given up enforcing the laws against such drugs, they do not much want to know if this arrogant decision to stop doing what they are paid for has had any bad effects. 
This is a new kind of evil. I absolutely do not write about this to excuse any of these people (except those prescribed drugs by doctors, who cannot be blamed for thinking that they were harmless). Nor do I wish to defend or excuse Islamist killers. Why on earth would anyone want to do that, least of all me?
I hold the old-fashioned view that people who intoxicate themselves or consciously wreck their brains for fun are fully responsible for all the horrors that follow.
I mention it because I believe this new type of crime is so easily preventable. And I fear that, by blaming these events either on the lack of gun control or on some vast Islamist conspiracy or on ‘right-wing extremism’ we are almost completely missing the point. And these things will keep happening until we wake up to the danger.

Title: Re: Drugs, not Guns
Post by: Gloria Tibi Domine on May 26, 2022, 09:32:24 PM
  The involvement of marijuana, drugs in mass shootings is deliberately ignored by the communist politicians and their criminal media accomplices.

Article and link below. 

Mar2022page24 ( (мents/Mar Apr FL 2022.pdf)

What Do Mass Shooters Have In Common? By Renee’ Barchitta, MPA The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is now spending millions to study gun violence as a “public health” issue. The point of that research will be to focus on the gun as the core issue. What if there is another issue that goes even deeper than the gun and has been in front of us all the time? And what if that issue is something that is being actively promoted here in New York State because it will create millions in tax revenues? Will that issue come to light and get a fair hearing, given what will certainly be a headlong rush to focus exclusively on 2nd Amendment rights? The (AAML) Americans Against Marijuana Legalization has written an open letter to the NRA “to promote a national bill that would be turned into law to drug test all mass murder suspects (at minimum)…marijuana psychosis, and polysubstance abuse are playing a substantial role in mass shooting incidents around the U.S.A. There is a clear and well-researched connection between drug use and violent crimes including mass shootings. The role of marijuana-induced psychosis (which is becoming more common) in violence is also well docuмented.If we expect to maintain gun rights in this country, the National Rifle Association (NRA) must recognize and begin speaking from this truth.” The AAML open letter requested that the NRA: call attention to marijuana-induced psychosis as a cause of mass shootings; fight for toxicology discovery and reporting in all gun violence incidents. In addition, the AAML included pleading with the media, editors and crime reporters to make the substance use history of the shooter a standard follow-up story to any mass shooting incident. The media must always ask the following questions after a perpetrator uses a gun. Was the gun legal? Was the perpetrator legally able to possess the gun? How many arrests, convictions for violent crimes did the perpetrator have? What drugs were in the perpetrators system at the time of the crime? What drugs has the offender been arrested for, previously? Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students and staff at the High School in Parkland, Florida. Devin Patrick Kelley shot and killed 27 people and injured 20 worshippers at the First Baptist Church, Texas. ѕυιcιdє bomber, Salaman Abedi, exploded a device killing over 20 people and injuring 100 at the Manchester Arena, United Kingdom. Richard Rojas drove a car on three blocks of pavement in NYC’s Times Square, killing a teenager and injuring 22. Arcan Cetin shot and killed five people and injured others at the Cascade Mall in Washington. What do these mass shooters have in common? The above examples of highly publicized incidents are illustrations of users of high potency marijuana who exhibited aggression, psychosis and paranoia. Each started using cannabis as a youth and they were daily or frequent, long-term users of high potency Cannabis. Some were diagnosed with marijuana-induced psychosis and paranoid disorder. Some “heard demon voices” and would consume large amounts of marijuana to try and silence those voices, which caused greater paranoia and hallucinations. Some had mood swings. Some had anger and become violent. Many were depressed and suicidal. Several tested positive for a high concentration of marijuana/ THC in their systems at the time of arrest after committing the crimes, or after arrests for other crimes. In ѕυιcιdєs, the anti-2A Left often asks: if the gun had not been present, would the person have killed themselves? A similar question about mass shootings should also be asked: without the use and intoxication of marijuana, would the poor judgment and misperceptions shown by these individuals not have been present, reducing the risk of their actions causing senseless deaths? According to research studies, marijuana use can cause aggressive behavior, causes or exacerbates psychosis and produces paranoia. Those effects are caused by THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. Some older users maintain that they were heavy users in their youth and did not suffer long term effects. But Cannabis is no longer (

. the same as when it was only 2% THC. The current marijuana is far more potent with THC concentrations up to 99%. More potent marijuana results in a greater risk for paranoid thinking and psychosis. In turn, paranoid behavior increases the risk for even more aggressive and violent behaviors. Per the National Academy of Medicine, Alex Beronson: “Cannabis use is likely to increase the risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychoses; the higher the use, the greater the risk…regular cannabis use is likely to increase the risk for developing social anxiety disorder.” Studies found that one-third of prison inmate subjects that committed homicide had used marijuana within twenty-four hours before the homicide. Three-quarters of those inmates were experiencing at least one mental or physical effect from marijuana intoxication when the homicide occurred (A Review of Cases of Marijuana and Violence by the National center for Biotechnology Information). Twenty-seven percent of people with schizophrenia had been diagnosed with cannabis use disorder (addiction) in their lives, per a Schizophrenia Bulletin study. The investigators of the Schizophrenia Commission concluded that cannabis use is the most preventable risk factor for psychosis. Dr. Robin Murray is the Head of Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, London (KCL). He found that one fourth of people inherit a certain type of gene that makes them 10 times more likely to become psychotic if they use high potency cannabis. Despite the human and economic cost to mitigate the consequences, New York and other states have legalized marijuana in response to a vocal group of the Cannabis Commercialization Industry and, primarily, the opportunity for increased tax revenues. The public and legislators need to know the real causes when guns are used in violent crimes. What if studies showed that marijuana and not guns were the root cause of the violence? There are already studies suggesting Cannabis and many other legal (including prescription) and illegal drugs are an integral part of the causes of violence and the use of guns in crimes. Unfortunately, because alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and the government have already invested so much in legalizing marijuana and those that oppose the official government position are being censored, this will not happen without a major public push to get the facts. To learn more about the effects of marijuana and why it is important that it be a part of any study on gun violence, go to the IASIC web site: IASIC – Doctors Educatin
Title: Re: Drugs, not Guns
Post by: Yeti on May 27, 2022, 08:00:44 AM
There are so many problems in our society today that began in the 60s that probably contributed to the actions of these mass shooters. First of all, there was the taking away of the Mass and the graces it constantly brought down on the world before the 60s, along with the great apostasy. That's obviously the first and main problem.

But it would be a long list. Drugs are just one of them. Divorce, illegitimacy, promiscuity, pornography, atheism, materialism, and other moral evils. Along with those moral evils are liberalism that destroys authority and teaches parents not to punish their children when they are young so that they grow up to be moral monsters, and then refuses to punish people who commit crimes as adults, giving them a slap on the wrist instead of sending them to the gallows. Liberalism is also responsible for refusing to lock up insane people in asylums, allowing them to run amok in society, which I believe accounts for a lot of mass shootings. I do think a lot of these shooters have mental problems (not all of them) and should have been locked in mental asylums for the protection of the public; Adam Lanza definitely fits this category.
Title: Re: Drugs, not Guns
Post by: Gloria Tibi Domine on May 27, 2022, 11:17:56 AM
Exactly as you say. And to shorten the list, it's easier to describe the problems of society as communism.  Besides the moral disasters mentioned, communism is enforced indirectly on the population in clever ways. Communism hates freedom of travel, of assembly, of expression of what is right and true (catholic faith) and ownership of private property and businesses.

Increasing crime rates helped and incited by provocative talk from communist politicians and soft treatment of criminals cause law abiding, working, property owning citizens to understand that they cannot freely assemble, travel, express and defend what is right and true, nor defend private property and businesses without being a victim twice- once by the criminal and then by the criminal injustice system, which itself is created by communists who are politicians, judges, lawyers and college professors. 

    There won't be a cινιℓ ωαr to take back the country. The next cινιℓ ωαr will be when the government goon squad shows up to one door at a time to "collect" your guns, or to assist you to the re-education camp, or assist you to the quarantine camp, and on and on. The defense of your house will be a mini cινιℓ ωαr. Where is God in all this? He is with the catholic who prays the rosary every day, knowing that there are no pacifists in Gods military.  There are times Catholics have to fight back, and to the death. If it comes to that, lets fight to their death. Catholics are not cattle to be culled- that's not martyrdom.