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Author Topic: Do liberals have a problem with this?  (Read 555 times)

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Do liberals have a problem with this?
« on: September 10, 2009, 09:03:08 AM »
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  •   Saint Jerome is a problematic Saint for liberals. They call him a morose hot tempered man. Not knowing that it was a virute for him to have holy ire and readiness to fight heretics for the Lord's sake.
      He is not the soft hearted man of vatican II with a large smile and rosy cheeks opening his bossom to herteics. His doesn't bestow a kiss of peace, he rather fights them with "a sword in his mouth".
      But one forgotten aspect of his, is the high respect he had for nuns, like other church fathers he believed them to be greater than any earthly queen. Since "they were married to Christ the Immortal King of all ages. before whom the angels tremble"
      Here is an extract from one of his letters to Eustochium:

    Do not court the company of married ladies or visit the houses of the high-born. Do not look too often on the life which you despised to become a virgin. Women of the world, you know, plume themselves because their husbands are on the bench or in other high positions. And the wife of the emperor always has an eager throng of visitors at her door. Why do you, then, wrong your husband? Why do you, God's bride, hasten to visit the wife of a mere man? Learn in this respect a holy pride; know that you are better than they.

    Why, mother, do you grudge your daughter her virginity? She has been reared on your milk, she has come from your womb, she has grown up in your bosom. Your watchful affection has kept her a virgin. Are you angry with her because she chooses to be a king's wife and not a soldier's? She has conferred on you a high privilege; you are now the mother-in-law of God.

    Like the ark of the covenant Christ's spouse should be overlaid with gold within and without; Exodus 25:11 she should be the guardian of the law of the Lord. Just as the ark contained nothing but the tables of the covenant, 1 Kings 8:9 so in you there should be no thought of anything that is outside. For it pleases the Lord to sit in your mind as He once sat on the mercy-seat and the cherubims.


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