Author Topic: Conservative but not Catholic? It's hopeless  (Read 338 times)

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Conservative but not Catholic? It's hopeless
« on: March 16, 2019, 12:21:25 PM »
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  • I have to share this...

    I saw a picture on Facebook today posted to a group "____, Texas Community Chat". It was classic "look what I had for dinner" except the guy was in his 60's, so it's not really native to him. More like trying to be cool by posting what you ate on Social Media.

    He posted a lovely picture of chicken fried steak -- on a Friday in Lent.

    Now the town in question isn't made up of 100% Catholics, so I was curious if he happened to be one of the many Novus Ordo Catholics indistinguishable from everyone else, who doesn't fast or abstain, etc. So I clicked on his name to go to his Facebook page.

    I didn't manage to find out his religion -- just a single post VERY critical of Pope Francis. But I did see that he was VERY interested in politics. Pro-Trump. Anti-Occasio-Cortez. Lots of conservative memes. Some were great. I agreed with virtually all of them.

    But here's the thing --

    You don't have the discipline to give up meat on Friday, but you want Americans to have a bottomless wellspring of discipline, from which they can forego the siren song of free money (Universal Basic Income, free college, free medicare, etc.) and "do the right thing" by electing conservative politicians who are going to make us DO WORK in order to live?

    How can you expect everyone to have more discipline and self-control than you? In fact, many will have LESS self-control than you. You gotta have your deep fried steak on Friday? Some will want to be able to have deep fried steak on Friday paid for by the government, or paid for by the restaurant (that's a whole different topic -- people who abuse restaurants and waiters, trying to get "comped" or free food EVERY TIME they go out to eat)

    Once you leave the real Christianity (Catholicism) it's all over. The whole protestant edifice is a house built on sand. It's whatever feels good, whatever I think, whatever I want, whenever I want. It has no authority to tell us what to do, how to live our lives, or what objective right and wrong are.

    I'd almost bet money this man goes to the 3rd option in town, "The Country Church". That is a "come as you are", cowboy themed, non-denominational, vaguely Christian church. A lot of Hispanics even go there! Some of them even make sure their children receive Confirmation (Mexican cultural Catholicism?) at the usual age. They send their children to Confirmation classes at the local Catholic Church, etc. even though they don't attend the parish. They show up on the day of Confirmation, and then you never see them again. Very sad.

    People LIKE YOU rejecting the authority of the One True Church is what led to Occasio-Cortez and the 2 Muslim congresswomen we have, as well as the ridiculously Leftist platform the Democratic party is adopting.
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    Re: Conservative but not Catholic? It's hopeless
    « Reply #1 on: March 16, 2019, 04:05:29 PM »
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  • Also, liberals are very fond of trying to deconstruct conservative ideals, traditions and values. And without the bedrock of the Catholic faith to explain why divorce should be banned, why homosexuality is an abomination, why fornication is wrong, these people find themselves unable to answer those questions, and let themselves concede ground and be dragged along with the left-faring currents. It's not enough to just know right from wrong, you must know why what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. Otherwise the liberals will ask those tough questions, and keep asking "why why why" like children until you're unable to answer any more, and then they'll claim victory.

    Furthermore, while these conservatives are against degeneracy, they reject the greatest means to fight against it. The Catholic Faith, as well as teaching morals and condemning sin and degeneracy, also provides a way for us to gain the graces to fight temptation and sin. Without those graces and without the teaching of the Church, it's almost impossible to fight against those things, especially in these times where almost everyone is an unrepentant sinner and a degenerate. 


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