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Author Topic: Catholics like this - What is wrong with the world  (Read 518 times)

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Catholics like this - What is wrong with the world
« on: May 04, 2016, 08:35:01 AM »
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  • I am posting this here because many of you (rightly) don't get involved in the fake 2-party political system.

    Some Catholics really leave me scratching my head. I'll quickly bring you up to speed.

    First, a very wise Matt Walsh posted this about Donald Trump:

    The third thing is that my decision to not vote for Trump is not a “protest” or a “statement” or anything like that. Really, it doesn’t matter what my reasons are, all you need to know is that everyone, besides you, can’t stand Trump and won’t vote for him, and literally every poll, every piece of data, everything that’s happened this election cycle proves that point, and therefore he will lose. But because I’m generous, I will endeavor to explain my decision to you.

    I won’t vote for Trump because he’s a vindictive, self-obsessed, pathological liar who has not demonstrated the competency to run a campaign, let alone a country.

    I won’t vote for Trump because he lacks the moral fortitude to take a stand on any issue, the wisdom to understand the issues and the sincerity to care about any of them in the first place.

    I won’t vote for Trump because, from what can be discerned of his actual views on things, he is a big-government authoritarian who has, at various points, pledged to raise taxes, instate a single-payer health care system, impose protective tariffs, keep abortion legal, slaughter civilians, appoint progressive judges and do exactly the opposite of everything I’d actually want a president to do.

    I won’t vote for Trump because he’s not even dependable on “his issue,” immigration. He’s already softened his stance on it and implied numerous times that all of his statements – including the ones he’s made on immigration – are negotiable. It’s also quite clear that he personally sees no problem with illegal immigration, which is why he endorsed amnesty a few years ago, donated extensively to open borders politicians, and hired illegals to construct his gaudy, hideous buildings.

    I won’t vote for Trump because he’s a scam artist under investigation for financial fraud.

    I won’t vote for Trump because he has promised to squash dissent and punish those who criticize him.

    I won’t vote for Trump because, on top of all of this professional and political weaknesses, he’s a serial adulterer who abandoned two wives and couldn’t be troubled to raise his own kids. I could almost forgive his numerous failed business ventures, but if a man fails in business, and fails as a father and a husband, and writes books bragging of his betrayals, and insists he does not need forgiveness for anything, that tells me he is utterly bankrupt and morally destitute to his core.

    I won’t vote for someone like this. You might say Hillary is guilty of most of these things, and you’d be correct. It should trouble you that your argument for Trump is that he’s just like Hillary. I’m aware of that. I won’t vote for Trump because I won’t vote for Hillary. They are both thoroughly objectionable and would be disasters for the country.

    I’m not going to get into the game of measuring the precise anticipated disaster and choosing whichever one I think will be slightly less cataclysmic than the other. I’m not going to do that because it’s pointless and arbitrary, and because I will not actively choose or affirm a disaster, even if I think it will be moderately less severe than another disaster. When the disaster comes, whichever one, I will not be among those who chose it.

    Besides, there’s no evidence Trump would be the lesser disaster. Indeed, there’s a high likelihood he could be worse. Yes, they’re both corrupt, lying, narcissists, but at least Clinton has to sort of pretend she’s not, whereas Trump has actually made it his platform. That means Trump would have a mandate to govern the way he’s campaigned and do all the terrible things he told us he wants to do. Clinton would like to do the same, but perhaps she will not be quite as free to do it.

    Yes, she’ll have the media in her pocket, but Trump owns quite a few media stooges as well. And beyond the media, if Trump were actually elected, which he won’t be, then the American people will have explicitly signed on to four years of the Trump Show, broadcast live from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    So if we’re doing the lesser-of-two-evils thing, I would have to consider the possibility that Hillary Clinton, for reasons that have more to do with context than with her personally, is the lesser. But I am absolutely ruling Hillary out, no matter who she’s against, because she is all the things we discussed, and I would sooner take a bullet to the head than cast my ballot for her. And if Hillary is out of the question, regardless of the degree of evil she’s running against, then Trump is out for the same reason.

    They’re both out, from my perspective.

    But if Trump is the nominee, Hillary will be in the White House.

    And that’s on you.

    Here is a response from a self-professed TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC, which I *had* to respond to.

    Quote from: Graham
    Matt Walsh is a hack and watching his meltdown has been a glorious life experience.

    Oh, boo hoo. He attacked your precious Trump.
    With this kind of vindictiveness against a man whose words and principles OUGHT TO BE YOUR OWN, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Name ONE THING. Just ONE THING in the article that makes him a "hack" (whatever that means). Which line in the article was untrue, or did he go off course? I thought the whole thing was a breath of Catholic sanity.

    And "watching his meltdown has been a glorious life experience"? You are just sick. There is no reason, even a HUMAN reason, to get happy even if he had a meltdown. This isn't Howard Stern, Hugh Hefner, or Hillary Clinton we're talking about. Matt Walsh isn't an enemy of God. How can you honestly glory in his misfortune?

    I couldn't have written that article better myself. It was 100% powerful truth.
    He enunciated the position of anyone holding to ANY KIND of standard of morality or religious belief.

    I'm surprised that 100% of Trads aren't uttering words like his to everyone who will listen.

    I will admit it took me by surprise how many Trads have been duped by Trump. Frankly, I still don't understand it. The only way I can wrap my mind around it is to fall back on what I tell people all the time: You're part of the world, don't kid yourself. Catholics are just as much part of the world as everyone else -- going to a Latin Mass for 1 hour on Sunday doesn't totally make you above it all.

    I guess I was hoping Catholics could avoid becoming children of this age.

    Chesterton said, "[The Catholic Faith] is the only thing that frees a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age."

    Perhaps the Catholic Faith CAN free a man from this degrading slavery, but some men embrace the slavery anyhow!
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    Catholics like this - What is wrong with the world
    « Reply #1 on: May 04, 2016, 08:42:06 AM »
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  • And to clarify, I have been trying to inject some Catholic sanity into this "Trump mania" since the very beginning.

    Graham will dismiss me as "Oh, he's just disappointed that Ted Cruz dropped out." but Graham has been wrongly tagging me as a Cruz fan for months. He publicly said I was a Cruz supporter when I hadn't said a single thing publicly about who I was "rooting for". He just assumed, because I was against Trump.

    Read my posts. I haven't said much good about Cruz. The most I've said is that I'm rooting for him against Trump, and that he's a better choice than Trump. But that isn't saying much, really!

    But the truth of the matter: I've been swimming against the "Trump current" for months, as Trump has been embraced in the Traditional Catholic world as a ray of hope, something between Putin's right hand man (who they also believe strongly in) and the Great Catholic Monarch.

    As a SANE Catholic, this boggles my mind. Are we talking about the same man? Every day I learn more things about Trump which don't demand respect -- quite the contrary.

    The latest gem about Trump: a few decades ago, on the Howard Stern show, Trump bragged about his lifestyle, and talked about how his struggle with Venereal Disease was "his own personal Vietnam".

    And this is the man running on the Republican ticket!
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    Catholics like this - What is wrong with the world
    « Reply #2 on: May 04, 2016, 11:55:33 AM »
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  • Not only is Matt Walsh a hack, he's an insufferable hack who thinks beards, cigars and tattoos make him a hard man.
    "There's a mix of passion and shortsightedness in me, even when I'm positive that I'm doing my very best to see things for what they are, that warns me that I'll never know for sure. Undoubtedly I must follow the truth I can see, I have no choice and I must live on; but that is for me only, not to impose on others." - Fr. Leonardo Castellani

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    Catholics like this - What is wrong with the world
    « Reply #3 on: May 04, 2016, 12:53:11 PM »
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  • I agree with you Matthew. I don't understand the support for Trump at all.

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    Catholics like this - What is wrong with the world
    « Reply #4 on: May 04, 2016, 01:48:01 PM »
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  • In my mind it is not support for Trump but a vote against HELLary.  


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