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Business Income idea
« on: June 27, 2013, 08:20:15 AM »
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  • Listen up men/ young men.

    If you are hard pressed for work, can get comfortable on a ladder, want full or part time income, and live in the suburbs- this message might be for you: take up window cleaning!

    When I was in community college, I started a window cleaning business. It was one of the best things I could have done at the time, and I've decided to take it up again as a side business venture to help with bills in my home. I'll give you a quick rundown of how it works and benefits:

    1. Print out flyers.

    -You can go to Kinkos, or anywhere with a copy machine, and make a ton. It might be more prudent- and cheaper!- to have a printing shop do this though. I recently went to and they had a deal where, if they can print the words, "Printed by" in 8 point font on your flyer, you can get 4000 glossy, double sided full color flyers for $99 bucks- $120 shipped. That's a steal. But if you don't have the funds for that right now, don't worry- gake $10 and go to the local copy machine and print out a few hundred; after your first few jobs, you can have nicer flyers printed.

    -Re: flyer design: if you're interested, I can make a design for you. I'll e-mail it to you, you just need to print it,etc. Now, here's where you 'hook' potential customers. Your flyer will read something to the effect of: Window Cleaning Special in your neighborhood- $150 (this is what I calculated my local price in southern California) for your windows to be cleaned, inside and out, screens included, up to 25 windows. Free estimates. All work Guaranteed. Your name, phone number, etc. And that's it.

    2. Walk around nice/fancy neighborhoods near where you live and put the flyers on the mailbox flags (not inside of them- thats against the law). My calculations prior was that for every 300 flyers I posted, I'd get an average of 3 calls for jobs to be done; it took about 2 -3 hours to post 300 flyers.

    3. Clean the windows

    -Supplies/ start-up requirements: window cleaning is very basic: squeegee, Sponge/scrubber, bucket, soap and water. You can buy a scrapper blade too, that comes in very handy, ladder (hopefully you have one already-20 ft is perfect). If you Have a ladder, your total start-up costs are about- max- $200 dollars. Thats it. You need a vehicle that can carry a ladder too. I don't have a pickup any longer, but am planning to strap it down to the top of my Druangos roof racks- whatever it takes!

    -Think about it: overhead for this sort of business consists of 2 things: soap and flyers. ! once you have your initial supplies- everything comes down to labor!!!

    In about 2-3 hours, I can do an average 2 story home by myself. Since many homes have more than 25 windows (see #1 above), I would charge an average of $200 per house; people would be THANKFUL for such a great price! Would I pay that much for my windows to be cleaned? Heck no. But am I gonna argue with them??? If you calculate an hour of putting up flyers for every house you clean, THAT comes out to $50/ hour!!!!!

    I know this isn't the best post-Chastisement skill to have lol. But I don't think it gets any better. Most professional window cleaners try to clean the windows of businesses; the income  isn't as great, but it is more steady work.

    Anyways, I hope this helps someone. I've recommended this to so many young men, and no one ever takes the time to follow through on this. I just put up about 200 flyers yesterday for the first time in years. I hope I can do a few jobs per month because, thanks be to God, I have a full time job already.


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