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This so-called opera just opened 4 days ago -- link:

Review of the opening show  <<--- caution: when you click on that you get lots of ads.

I got this e-mail from American TFP but there is no page about this yet
in their website.  I guess it's very new and these things take time.  But if
the opera has been running for 4 days already, how could they have been
rehearsing and setting up for it without anyone at TFP knowing about it?  
They would have to advertize to get the ticket sales up before opening
day, no?  This doesn't seem right, somehow, but maybe the ATFP was
too busy in New York last month with their protest over the blasphemous
play going on there about the "Testament of Mary Closes After Two Short

June 24, 2013    
     Shocking new opera insults
Our Lord and St. Mary Magdalene    


Dear xxxx,


The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, by avowed homosexual Mark Adamo, is debuting at the San Francisco Opera House. It is not gospel, it is not Our Lord and it is not Saint Mary Magdalene. It is pure rubbish!

In Adamo’s attempt to re-write history, Our Lord is portrayed as having a marital relationship with St. Mary Magdalene, Our Lady is portrayed as having doubts of her Son's divinity and the Resurrection is denied.

Sign your protest here

Mr. Adamo adopts the same approach as Dan Brown's blasphemous Da Vinci Code, by using texts from the gnostic “gospels” to create a story to “explore” the possible relationship that Our Lord had with St. Mary Magdalene. Not only is this historically inaccurate and an affront to universally accepted truths, it is a blatant blasphemy against the sacred person of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Adamo was raised a Catholic, became a militant homosexual and is “married” to his “husband,” Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Corigliano. He knows the Catholic faith therefore he knows the terrible offense this is to create this “fiction” using the most sacred person of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Blasphemy is not art, and artistic license is not absolute! We as Catholics cannot remain silent as Our Lord, Our Lady and the saints are misrepresented and abused with lies called fiction. We must let the San Francisco Opera House know that we Catholics value our Faith and all of our holy and sacred traditions.

Will you sit in silence as Our Lord is offended?

He awaits your defense of His Divine honor.

Sign your protest here
     Until next time, I remain

Sincerely yours,

John Horvat
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