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Benedict Arnold
« on: April 20, 2021, 02:14:45 PM »
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  • Letter from the Archbishop of Paris regarding a violation of CÖVÌD9 Measures by one of his priests on Holy Saturday: 

    Here is the letter that Archbishop Aupetit sent to the parishioners of St. Eugene (and note how meticulously he requires compliance with the least directive or CÖVÌD19 protocol, but not so with regard to fidelity to the Mass rubrics!):

    Archdiocese of Paris

    Paris, April 10, 2021

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    The broadcasting in the national media of a video of the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday at St. Eugene - St. Cecilia would have revealed the non-respect in your parish of the sanitary instructions in force. This event harms the whole Catholic Church in France, which is accused of not applying the sanitary precautions required for all citizens. It scandalizes those who faithfully apply the sanitary measures and drives away from the sacramental life the vulnerable and worried people who will no longer dare to go to church. It gives a irresponsible image of the clergy in the face of the pandemic while so many caregivers, families and professionals are paying a heavy price to this crisis situation and to the fight against the disease.

    If the Public Prosecutor's Office of Paris has opened an investigation under the charge of endangering the life of others, I have decided to open a penal canonical procedure against your priest.

    As archbishop, I have the responsibility to ensure that the law is respected in places of worship and that the instructions I have given and repeated are implemented.

    Whatever the interpretations, sometimes exaggerated, of the images by the commentators, it would seem that during this vigil :

    * Many faithful and clerics did not wear masks during the celebrations.

    * Communions were given on the tongue without any precautions: the priest did not wear a mask and did not disinfect his fingers after each communion.

    * The clerics present in number in the choir did not wear masks and were not distanced.

    * There is no [blocking] of every other row of chairs or of the spacing of two empty seats among the ranks of the faithful.

    If the instructions I have given were not respected, I would have no choice but to close the church and forbid any celebration.

    I recall these instructions:

    * Fill the church every other row with two free seats between each person or family entity.

    * No crowding at the entrance or exit of the church.

    * The mask must be worn at all times, except at the time of communion.

    * Celebrants and servers wear the mask at all times. It may be "momentarily removed for the performance of rites that require it".

    * Communion by a priest wearing the mask given on the hand, or for the celebration in extraordinary form on the tongue by dipping each time the fingers in a disinfectant solution.

    In this Easter season when our faith in the Resurrection of Christ strengthens our Christian life and nourishes our desire to witness to our Hope with our whole life, a call to filial obedience is addressed to you. I count on the effort of each one of you, parishioners of Saint Eugene - Sainte-Cécile used to the one and other liturgical form, to apply without reserve what is asked of you.

    You will thus give to the numerous observers who will henceforth scrutinize the liturgical action in your parish an example of authentic fervor of obedience and true fidelity to the Church.

    +Michel Aupetit

    10, rue du Cloitre-Notre-Dame - 75004 Paris
    Telephone: 01 78 91 91 91 - Fax: 01 78 91 92 73

    Translated with (free version)
    Romans 5:20 "But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more."

    -I retract any and all statements I have made that are incongruent with the True Faith, and apologize for ever having made them-

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    Re: Benedict Arnold
    « Reply #1 on: April 20, 2021, 03:40:37 PM »
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  • A priest, being a traitor --

    You call him Benedict Arnold?

    Um... wouldn't JUDAS be the more obvious choice, since he's a cleric?
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    Re: Benedict Arnold
    « Reply #2 on: April 20, 2021, 03:58:21 PM »
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  • Um... wouldn't JUDAS be the more obvious choice, since he's a cleric?
    Some of these Bishops are so bad that it's almost an insult to Judas.
    Patience is a conquering virtue. The learned say that, if it not desert you, It vanquishes what force can never reach; Why answer back at every angry speech? No, learn forbearance or, I'll tell you what, You will be taught it, whether you will or not.
    -Geoffrey Chaucer


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