Author Topic: America was united in 1861 by comparison  (Read 227 times)

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America was united in 1861 by comparison
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:59:38 AM »
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  • Here is what disturbs me about the situation in America today: we are more divided than at any time in history, INCLUDING right before the Civil War (1861 - 1865).
    Yes, I am claiming that northern Yankees had more in common, got along better, and were more united with a southern plantation owner than a modern-day conservative has with a leftist Democrat.

    The division today is fundamental, and covers every possible area of life.

    We're getting to the point where Jane Q. Slander (a Democrat) can say, "Mr. John Squeaky-Clean (a Republican) is secretly a murderer. Despite the apparent lack of evidence, he has in fact committed at least 2 dozen murders."

    Half the country will recognize this for the complete bullcrap that it is. They won't believe the slander for a minute, will be inclined to ignore Jane Q. Slander, or even inclined to violence against her.

    The other half of the country will respond in a predictable, knee-jerk manner: they will go into a mindless chant, an emotional frenzy, of "Believe her!" and no amount of reality or evidence will convince them otherwise. Meanwhile, believing this baseless slander, they will work themselves up into a self-righteous frenzy, and believe that violence is appropriate, since they are fighting a murderer after all. The ends (their perceived "justice") justify the means.

    It's actually not much of a stretch to see where this is going: Today, leftists claim that words do actual damage -- they represent actual violence inflicted on others. Therefore, if someone believes, thinks, or says something offensive to you (even if it wasn't meant to be offensive) actual violence against that person is justified.

    They deny that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me." They place "names" and actual violence in the same category.

    This country is over.

    Trump and his allies are only a temporary respite or interruption from the rapid acceleration towards destruction and collapse, along a path similar to a skydiver who forgot his parachute. In both cases, the future demise is fast-paced, dramatic, close at hand, and certain.

    Politics have never been so black and white in this country. We have two groups:

    One that loves truth, goodness, freedom, and reality
    The other that loves lies, evil, fascist control, and fantasy/utopia/hopeless social engineering.

    The leftists are mad at God for making people unequal in bodily ability, and they are doing everything in their power to "right this wrong". They are insane, wanting to dissolve every distinction or differentiation in mankind. They will not rest until outcomes are completely equal for all groups, which is impossible on this earth.

    Since they don't believe in God or the soul, but they still instinctively believe we are somehow all created equal, they mistakenly think that we are equal ON THIS EARTH, in our bodies, talents and abilities. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

    These lost souls, gone astray from God, have found outlet for their religious ferver in the new cult of Social Justice and Leftism. It is very sad, and very dangerous. When a person is filled with self-righteous zeal for a cause, anything can be justified -- depriving others of life, property, parental rights, freedom, you name it.

    That is why I believe this country is in trouble. There is a growing cult movement of "SJWs" who believe they are the good guys, and they will impose their "utopia" on us whether we want it or not -- or they will die trying.

    P.S. I realize that the outspoken, loud mouthed SJWs are a minority of the country. However, their ideas are accepted and spread by about 1/2 of the country -- everyone who voted for Hillary in the last election. There are a lot of ignorant, apathetic dupes who believe what they are told by the media -- and the mainstream media (including the major players on the Internet: Twitter, Google, Youtube, Facebook, etc.) is firmly in the hands of the SJW cult.
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