Author Topic: All Things Work Together Unto Good  (Read 389 times)

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All Things Work Together Unto Good
« on: April 02, 2012, 03:16:47 PM »
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  • Recently, I've come to the realization, that I may be listening to too much news, where I could otherwise use the same time during my work commute in doing something more productive. The saints have recommended spiritual reading, however I would imagine St. Pius X approving of listening to, what would otherwise be spiritual reading: Audio Books of the saints, sermons on mp3, etc.

    I've never listened to any of the sermons @ Audio Sancto since I knew they were FSSP, and I have concerns about their position; however, desperate for some free Catholic audio, I downloaded a few sermons for my hike this morning. What can I say but- WOW. This is my favorite sermon, and I listened to it twice during my walk, and once on the way to work.

    In it, the priest speaks about being open to the will of God, and how this is the only way to be truly happy. He says that when difficult times arise, God, being who and what He is, should be thanked; by doing so, difficult times are actually not so difficult, of course. He also says we're not 'fatalists' either; so being resigned to the will of God does not entail being some sort of push over, if you will. It means you fight for God still, but accept the situation you are in at any moment; but we can fight for His will in the next.

    Not only does this resonate with everyone in the world, but it can also be an important message among us traditionalists. I took away a message that is very relavent to the current SSPX news and potential dangers it may face, as put forth by Bishop Williamson.

    I hope you have a listen and enjoy as I have.

    May His will be done, and may we turn to our Blessed Mother in everything we do, so that she may show us to the Blessed Fruit of her womb.


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