Author Topic: A Call to a Secular Order  (Read 370 times)

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A Call to a Secular Order
« on: December 06, 2012, 02:06:35 PM »
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  • Okay, so I am looking to have a Family but I am also looking to safeguard myself from the World and keep Christ close to my heart and Pro-Actively see to it that He is first on my checklist. Therefore, I have been looking for some type of 3rd or Secular Order from a Monastic Community, the problem is I need help trying to figure out which community is both local enough for me to get to and has a Charism that I can both be challenged by yet allows me to contribute my strengths too.

    I have discerned that said 3rd Order ought to have a Marian Quality to it, but at the same time, I know my strength lies in the Intellect I aspire to be a Polymath and I like to write [or more to the point I draw great joy when I complete a writing assignment]. At the same time I am drawn to the Mystical Tradition of the Church.

    I know that for me, I feel that when it comes to my Strengths for the Intellect I am inclined to think of either Augustinian or Dominican Orders and Mystical I think of Trappist and Carmelites, I know there are many orders, countless and I know that there are many who have a focus on The Blessed Virgin Mother.

    I guess my question for you the reader is, can someone help me find a Tertiary Order that can make good on my Intellectual Strengths and Mystical Yearnings, and then of those Tertiary Orders the ones that have a focus on The Blessed Virgin Mother or Marian qualities?

    My other question is, as a Consecrated Layman do I need to attend Tertiary Order Functions? If so, then I will need to Narrow down that list even more of Tertiary Orders that offer a Challenging Charism that compliments the Intellectual and Mystical Yearnings with Marian qualities that are within the NYC Area [preferably East on Long Island].

    Thank You for your time.  :ready-to-eat:

    To be fair I posted this same statement in the Catholic Answers Forum, and so far I was given the following: (1) The Secular Branch of the Discalced Carmelite Order and (2) Secular Institute of the The Cloisterite Family. If there are any other suggestions that would be most appreciated.


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