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  1. It is now illegal to go to Mass in Ireland
  2. Making Amends In Relationships
  3. Pentagon Rolls Out the Beast Chip Implant
  4. Are Sins of Impurity Incurable?
  5. What to do in this case?
  6. 2 French Priests Arrested
  7. Most Unusual: Bishop Not Impressed By Oligarchs' Media Propaganda
  8. Prayer When Not In A State of Grace
  9. Invocations in Times of Calamity.
  10. Impurity leads to enslavement - quote I was looking for
  11. The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved - St. Leonard of Port Maurice (AUDIO)
  12. Easter week, all masses and ceremonies in Ireland banned and prevented by police
  13. Bullshiticus Maximus
  14. How to stand up to CÖVÌD police
  15. Good sermon: 2+2=5
  16. Happy Easter
  17. Days Gone By
  18. The Power of Hope
  19. Detraction?
  20. Which rite is OK?
  21. Palm Sunday Quick Question
  22. G. Gordon Liddy, requiescat in pace
  23. War memoirs of Fr. Hugh Thwaites SJ
  24. 1921 Book on Book of John predicted current war between the Church and the enemy
  25. Delaying Confession
  26. Milagre!!! (Mark79 has recovered)
  27. Walk the wide road to perdition in style!
  28. Women angels in the Bible? I do not believe that the Church teaches this.
  29. Military targeting & purging Catholics from their ranks
  30. Total Numbers of Vaccine Deaths in Israel Almost Doubles
  31. Asking for Nikola Tesla, offering McDonald's salary
  32. XavierSem
  33. Is telling your children about Santa Claus immoral?
  34. That time of year
  35. Deuteronomy 13
  36. DISCUSS: Worldwide Rally for Freedom
  37. Link between carnal vice and allowing abuse by State, tyrants, etc.
  38. Petition on Traditional Rite Masses Ban
  39. Good news in evil times
  40. President of the Republic, “We Don't Close Down Churches" (Video)
  41. Biden Inauguration Priest under Investigation
  42. Milo-really??
  43. Who's Your Crush?
  44. Teaching the faith to kids other than your own
  45. South Dakota shrines?
  46. First Court Case Against Mandatory Experimental Shot
  47. Mask mouth causes gum disease, which increases cσɾσnαvιɾυs death risk by 900%
  48. Where to From Here?
  49. Please pray for Mark79
  50. Miracles of King Ladislaus, the Warrior Saint