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  1. Two saints, to know and love
  2. sickening
  3. Imprudent to get married when only making minimum wage
  4. Severe warning to parents
  5. Living will directives for Traditional Catholics?
  6. Need yer knowledge base here
  7. Jews are promoting sportsbetting and poker through ESPN
  8. Jeans and t-shirts prohibited from daily life
  9. Marriage
  10. Pater Noster
  11. New Catholic in need of some Traditional advice
  12. Gov. Jindal, local Bishop, Halt Construction of Abortion Clinic
  13. Remain Christian
  14. Ferrero Rochet
  15. For a return to the faith
  16. RC church and illegals
  17. The Church in Libya
  18. Italy a dying country
  19. Stay
  20. Philosophy
  21. New Bishop
  22. Help?!: LGBT propaganda being forced on me and Darwinian indoctrination
  23. What causes homosexuality?
  24. Last Months I Have Been Sharing the Catholic Faith to a Vatican2 Community.
  25. How the rise of Atheism will lead to mass murder and cruelty
  26. Catechism on V2
  27. Question - Holy Communion for the gluten-intolerant?
  28. The Worlds Largest Cemetary
  29. Godparents
  30. Huge percent of Americans support forced vaccination, prison for anti-vax
  31. Purpose of giving credit to God for your achievements
  32. Some of the atheists secretly hate God?
  33. What do you think about Psychology
  34. Judging Stories (Books or Movies)
  35. What an educated woman can do
  36. Why would the people behind the curtain introduce porn filters?
  37. Raising children and giving up
  38. Frozen introduces children to Satan motto Do What Thou Wilt
  39. Masses Cancelled
  40. Magic fairy tales and Catholic morality
  41. New Saints
  42. Supreme Court Abolishes Seal of Confession
  43. Baby Boomers and Family Size
  44. Oldest Known Gospel
  45. The Church in Eritrea
  46. Suspensions Overturned
  47. Christ was a socialist...
  48. Christianity in Iraq
  49. "Divorce" in the Phillipines
  50. Public Flogging