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  1. Engagement - Paris
  2. Prudence in Practicing Virtue
  3. Naming Children
  4. Should I Say Prayers for my Dying Pet?
  5. thoughts
  6. Catholics like this - What is wrong with the world
  7. Question for the day - which force is stronger?
  8. Sympathy for Athiesm
  9. March of insanity continues - no more girls or boys toys
  10. Pastors praying over Clinton for President
  11. Yikes!!!
  12. What happened to Hobblehoy?
  13. TODAY Rogation Days April 25
  14. Separation from "bed and board"
  15. Strong gender stereotypes bad for children
  16. Could this be a Catholic relic of St Ethelfaeda?
  17. Advice on how to lead a morally upstanding life as a young christian man?
  18. Catholic prepper?
  19. A Jew says that English people deserve to be exterminated by Arabs for.....
  20. Catholic monarchy
  21. True Love is Only Found In and Through God
  23. Females Do You Hate Males?
  24. Harlot Outreach Initiative? A good idea or a silly dangerous thing?
  25. The Christian Boxer
  26. A Sign of Hope
  27. Post Synod
  28. Catholic Prophecy
  29. Would you do business with manifest homos?
  30. On a lighter note - who like their new Nickname?
  31. Annihilation of Nations: Did Our Lady of Fatima
  32. Happy Easter
  33. Testimony of the Sister Witness
  34. The Benefits of Being Tenderhearted
  35. Kellers Butter Sculpturers
  36. Help with fallen away cousin...
  37. Mother Theresa of Calcutta
  38. Surprise - Spring forward! Anyone else taken by surprise?
  39. Anger and Patience
  40. The Last Cristero
  41. Unliscenced open carry?
  42. Nothing new under the Sun
  43. Man defends himself and wife vs. Muslim immigrants in Germany
  44. Global Views on Morality
  45. One Doctrine NOT Found in the Early Church: Pacifism
  46. Go to Islamic workshop or be labelled a racist for the rest of school life
  47. Women Preachers
  48. 2 small meals on fast days
  49. Carpe Diem Horatian precept (Epicurean) vs nihilistichedonistic
  50. Distributism article: NE1 got a problem with this article?