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  1. Navy Begins Construction on a Ship Named after a Pederast
  2. A Couple of Questions from a Newbie
  3. Jingoism - is it good? Precise Catholic definition?
  4. US Youth Population in "Absolute Decline"
  5. Roundup, GMO's, Vaccinations, Cigarettes..... It's a Profit Deal!
  6. Predictions for the 2020s....
  7. The Simple Elites of the People
  8. Advice for a recent convert
  9. Question about the SSPX schools in New York
  10. Unsure of Where to Go
  11. Cadets Fired for Nazi Salute in Picture
  12. Lutheran Friend wants me to go to a baptism
  13. More Killed in Chicago than White Settlement, Texas
  14. Canary in the coal mine
  15. What iconic landmark suffered a major fire in April 2019?
  16. What's Holding the Arab World Back?
  17. 16 Years in the Slammer for Burning Flag
  18. Christmas decorations of times past
  19. Two days till Christmas
  20. Novus ordo HS student dilemma
  21. The Sign of the Cross
  22. Killing Your Conscience in Seven (Easy?) Steps
  23. Question about correcting brother and sister
  24. Homos Vandalized My Yard
  25. Anti-semetic political thought crime division in NYPD
  26. The American Brat
  27. How to turn my novus ordo high school trad
  28. 5g is here...God help us!
  29. day of reparation after Pachamama rituals
  30. Globalists Are Using Puppet Churches to Enslave Humanity
  31. How to turn your school to Jesus Christ
  32. Little girl bored, wants to go back to NO
  33. LIFETIME "Christmas" Movie Promotes Homosexuality
  34. Posting Porn is OK?
  35. Militant Polish Catholic Nationalists Mobilize 150,000
  36. Liberal morality and how to undermine it?
  37. Any Good Catholic Websites?
  38. Video on Hell - what is available online?
  39. Advent 2019
  40. Boycott Chik fil Gay
  41. History of the Advent Wreath,,, not Catholic
  42. Nov 11 Remember our veterans
  43. Baby Boy, Baby Girl, and....
  44. Why Mark Shea moved to the left?
  45. From EMJ another excellent one
  46. Colouring books for 4 yo child
  47. Public school kids lack basic life skills at 18
  48. Perseverance Among Young People
  49. What are the reasons you avoided going to Mass in your past?
  50. Must motherhood be learned?