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  1. AARP Backs House Health Care Bill Despite Death Panel, Assisted Suicide Iss
  2. Obama Violates Pledge, Promotes Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill
  3. Liberal rant against women taking husband's name
  4. Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Was Pressured to Meet Abortion Goals
  5. House Will Vote on Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill on Saturday
  6. Planned Parenthood Attempting to Silence Ex-Director Who Quit Abortion Busi
  7. SSPX Tribute to Fr.Fahey
  8. Planned Parenthood Bashes Bishops for Opposing Pro-Abortion Health Care
  9. Study: 85 Percent of Women Say Abortions Cause Mental Health Issues
  10. Dialogue with "Catholic" Evolutionist
  11. Democrats' Phony Amdt Claims to Remove Abortion From Health Care
  12. Planned Parenthood Director Resigns, Watched Ultrasound of Abortion
  13. Elections in Virginia, New Jersey, New York Could Yield Pro-Life Gains
  14. Glue Sniffing
  15. House Health Care Bill Has Death Panels, Assisted Suicide Promotion
  16. Obama Violating Pledge For No Abortion Funding in Health Care
  17. Maxims and Sayings of St. Philip Neri
  18. Is Monogamy realistic?
  19. ABL 1979
  20. Ceremony of Knighthood
  21. Catholic League p.o.'d at Larry David after 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' characte
  22. Internet Addiction
  23. Serious Question on Vocation
  24. Easy divorce: no wonder so many youngsters forego marriage
  25. Blasphemy in Spain
  26. Bishop Williamson interview - 30th priestly anniversary
  27. One reason why kids are expensive
  28. Idol Worship
  29. When the Faith is full....
  30. Kennedy's Bishop Seeks Apology, Calls Him Disappointment on Abortion
  31. AP Confirms Hyde Amdt Doesn't Prevent Abortion Funding in Health Care
  32. Teens can't write to save themselves -- look at this
  33. Democrats Likely Won't Allow Vote to Cut Abortion From Health Care Bill
  34. Pro-Life Group: Oppose Health Care Bill Debate Rule if Abortion Amdt Blocke
  35. President George W. Bush Gets Pro-Life Award on Abortion
  36. Obama's Pro-Abortion EEOC Nominee, Chai Feldblum, Faces Opposition
  37. Pro-Life Student Placed in Isolation for Joining Abortion Awareness Day
  38. Another argument for home schooling
  39. House Democrats: We Have Almost Enough Votes for Pro-Abortion Health Care
  40. Abortion Advocates Tell Obama More Tax-Funded Abortions
  41. Obama Admin's HHS Web Site Promotes Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills
  42. Is the War in Afghanistan a just war?
  43. Catholic U of San Francisco Hosts Head of Pro-Abortion Amnesty Internationa
  44. Americans Disagree With Nobel Prize for Pro-Abortion Barack Obama
  45. Firebombing of a Church in Egypt
  46. Abortionist Writes of Doing Abortions While Pregnant With Baby
  47. Notre Dame President Gets Second Term Despite Honoring Pro-Abortion Obama
  48. Senate Bill Would Permanently Overturn Mexico City Policy on Foreign Aborti
  49. Time Magazine Blasted, Accused Bishops of Promoting Pro-Abortion Health Car
  50. BBC Series "The Monastery"