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  1. Lawmaker Who Called Bart Stupak Baby Killer Still Unknown
  2. Obama to Sign Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Tuesday, Will "Keep Word" on Or
  3. Thou shalt not kill whom?
  4. How do you distinguish...
  5. Pelosi Rejects Stupak Deal to Remove Abortion Funding From Senate Bill
  6. Pelosi Calls on Catholic Saint to Pass Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill, Flubs
  7. Homosexual debate: whether it is moral to condemn homosexual acts
  8. Catholic Medical Association: Senate Health Care Bill Funds Abortions
  9. Is Kissing Sinful?
  10. Letter From Catholic Nuns For Pro-Abortion HCR Doesn't Represent 59K People
  11. House Vote Paves Way for Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Without Vote
  12. Catholic Bishops Launch Newspaper Ads Attacking Pro-Abortion Health Care Bi
  13. Pro-Lifers Dismiss Catholic Nuns' Letter Backing Pro-Abortion Health Care
  14. Poll: 46% of Doctors Would Quit if Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Passed
  15. Planned Parenthood Centers Using Dangerous Abortion Drug More
  16. Interesting story of two protestants who stuck it out
  17. Poll: Opposition to Pro-Abortion Health Care Highest Yet, Democrat Misleads
  18. America is one of the ONLY countries...
  19. Anti-Catholic Bias -- Hello?
  20. Stupak: House Lacks Health Care Bill Votes, Abortion $ Ban Rejected
  21. Dating and girls
  22. What if dropouts are on to something?
  23. House Casts First Vote to Move Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Ahead
  24. Group Launches New Campaign to Keep Catholic Colleges True to Pro-Life View
  25. Catholic Bishops Urge No Vote on Senate Health Care Bill Over Abortion Fund
  26. Catholic Health Association Endorses Pro-Abortion Senate Health Care Bill
  27. best intentions behind a curse???
  28. Freelancing couple struggle on 100K income
  29. No pants for women employees at Ave Maria University
  30. 5 ways video games hook you in
  31. Kindness
  32. Battle to Stop Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Begins Monday, Vote Next Week
  33. Gallup Polls: Younger Americans More Strongly Pro-Life on Abortion
  34. Bart Stupak: Nancy Pelosi Lacks Votes for Pro-Abortion Health Care in House
  35. Democrats May Use Slaughter Rule to Pass Pro-Abortion Health Care Without V
  36. Catholic Bishops: Politico Wrong on Its Position on Health Care Bill, Abort
  37. White House Faith Council Releases Report, No Plan to Reduce
  38. Baby Einstein videos fail to boost child language skills
  39. Big Families, The New Green
  40. Modesty at home?
  41. Republican Poll of Iowa Voters Has Mike Huckabee Leading Romney, Palin
  42. Stupak Touts Sidebar Bill Banning Abortion $, Pro-Lifers Skeptical
  43. Gallup: Republicans Now Strongly Pro-Life, Democrats Back Abortion
  44. Charges Dismissed Against Man Who Challenged Patrick Kennedy on Abortion
  45. Kathleen Sebelius Misleads on Abortion Funding in Health Care Bill
  46. Immodest Clothes of the Past
  47. Parents let own baby starve while raising VIRTUAL baby online!
  48. What is Church teaching regarding gender determination before birth?
  49. Insanity - Farmville and more
  50. Senate Health Care Bill Funds Abortions Despite Obama, Pelosi's Protest