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  1. Living in a van - for an education
  2. Fake Catholic Groups Resurface in Health Care-Abortion Funding Debate
  3. "Forever in Blue Jeans" by George Will
  4. Senate Vote This Weekend on Funding Abortions in District of Columbia
  5. Article lambasting women in combat
  6. House Approves Bill That Funds Abortions in Nation's Capital
  7. Pro-Life Group Urges Congress to Defeat Omnibus Over DC Abortion $
  8. House to Vote Thursday on Tax-Funding of Abortions in Nation's Capital
  9. Video Shows Planned Parenthood Staff Lying to Woman About Abortion
  10. Senate Defeats Nelson Amendment to Stop Abortion Funding in Health Care
  11. Report Shows 1,500 Abortion Centers Closed Since 1991, Pro-Life Victory
  12. House Bill Could Overturn Pro-Life Laws on Tax-Funded Abortions
  13. Ailing priest removed from Staten Island parish
  14. Scriptures, Councils & Church Fathers Condemn Balls
  15. Bishops Tell Senators to Support Nelson Amdt Banning Abortion Funding
  16. Obama Again Violates No Abortion Funds Pledge by Backing Senate Bill
  17. 17 Evidences of Humility
  18. Abortion Center in Michigan Advertises Business as "Sacred Work"
  19. Judiciary Committee Approves Another Obama Pro-Abortion Judge, Louis Butler
  20. Fort Hood Shooter Faces Charges, None for Killing Soldier's Baby
  21. Islam in British suburbia!
  22. Senate OKs Amdt That Could Require All Insurance Plans to Cover Abortions
  23. Aquinas College in Michigan Promotes Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Job
  24. Obama Admin OKs First Taxpayer-Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  25. Mikulski Amdt Draws More Opposition, Abortion as Preventative Care
  26. Obama Establishes New Presidential Bioethics Council, Could Push Cloning
  27. Chesterton and the Eugenic Nightmare
  28. Nelson Sponsoring Stupak Amdt to Cut Abortion in Senate Health Bill
  29. Patrick Kennedy Ignores Questions re Attacking Catholic Church on Abortion
  30. Senate Health Care Bill Amdt Would Define Abortion as Preventative Care
  31. What is the catholic view on orphans?
  32. Harvard Study: Planned Parenthood is an Abortion Business and Business is B
  33. Pro-Life Group Files Complaint Against Alberto Hodari in Forced Abortion Ca
  34. Layered Farming
  35. New CDC Report: Abortions Rose 3.1% in 2006, Other Research Shows Decline
  36. Boston Globe Bashes Bishop Keeping Pro-Abortion Kennedy Accountable
  37. Woman Heading for Abortion Faces Assault Charges, Pulled Knife on Pro-Lifer
  38. Senate Health Care Bill Contains Rationing Provisions, Pro-Life Group Warns
  39. Senate Health Care Bill Contains Rationing Provisions, Pro-Life Group Warns
  40. April Ashley: 50 happy years for sex-swap pioneer
  41. Victim of Forced Abortion: Practitioner "Ripped the Life" Out of Her
  42. MSNBC Attacks Catholic Bishop Tobin in Pat Kennedy-Abortion-Communion Row
  43. I firmly believe that....
  44. Man in 23-Year-Long Coma Speaks, Says He Was Always Conscious
  45. Bishop: Patrick Kennedy Misrepresenting Letter on Communion, Abortion
  46. Senate Health Care Bill Raises Taxes on Special Needs Children
  47. Document on Problems With IVF Gets Catholic Bishops Okay
  48. Bishops: Pro-Abortion Senate Health Care Bill "Worst We've Seen Yet"
  49. President Obama Again Attacks Stupak, Backs Pro-Abortion Senate Bill
  50. Senate Confirms David Hamilton, Obama's First Pro-Abortion Judicial Pick