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  1. Charges Dismissed Against Man Who Challenged Patrick Kennedy on Abortion
  2. Kathleen Sebelius Misleads on Abortion Funding in Health Care Bill
  3. Immodest Clothes of the Past
  4. Parents let own baby starve while raising VIRTUAL baby online!
  5. What is Church teaching regarding gender determination before birth?
  6. Insanity - Farmville and more
  7. Senate Health Care Bill Funds Abortions Despite Obama, Pelosi's Protest
  8. Angelic Doctor signature
  9. Senate Judiciary Committee OKs Obama Pro-Abortion Pick Dawn Johnsen
  10. Obama, Democrats Set March 18 as Date for Pro-Abortion Health Care Vote
  11. Pro-Life Democrats Confirm: We Will Kill Health Care Bill Over Abortion Fun
  12. How the World Responds to Admonishment Re: Dress
  13. My Husband Won't Change and I Don't Know What to Do
  14. what is not catholic in english prose?
  15. Obama, Democrats Make it Official: Reconciliation to Push Pro-Abortion Heal
  16. Pelosi Denies Abortion Funding in Health Care Bill: I Talked With the Bisho
  17. Democrat Falsely Claims Senate Health Care Bill Doesn't Fund Abortions
  18. Senator: Reconciliation Won't Stop Abortion Funding in Health Care Bill
  19. Vote on Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Could Take Place by March 19
  20. Abortion Practitioner Accused of Running Over 40 Days for Life Pro-Life Sig
  21. Catholic Bishops Urged to Take Collection for Pro-Life Work After Abortion
  22. IOC to investigate Canadian women's hockey team for celebration
  23. Audio-First Sunday in Lent
  24. Obama to Push Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill: If You Don't Like it Vote Us O
  25. Pelosi Misleads Health Care Summit, Says Bill Has No Abortion Funding
  26. Obama Told at Health Care Summit Americans Don't Want Abortion
  27. Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain Could Be Partial-Birth Abortion Followup
  28. NCAA Pulls Post-Tim Tebow Pro-Life Ads From College Basketball Web Site
  29. Woman Draws Guffaws, Live Blogs Abortion on Twitter, YouTube
  30. Marry Mr. Good Enough
  31. Obama Admin Proposes Expanding Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  32. The Pelosi Doctrine: Claiming Good Catholic Status While Promoting Abortion
  33. Officials Find Dozens of Frozen Dead Babies After Abortion Death Probed
  34. Video Shows Tenth Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Hiding Sexual Abuse
  35. Valentine's Day Cards From Planned Parenthood Promote Abortion, Condoms
  36. a GOP front group?
  37. Health Care Rationing for Seniors Another Problem in New Obama Plan
  38. Latest 40 Days for Life Campaign Spares 45 Babies From Abortions
  39. Obama Plan Ups Abortion Funding Via Community Health Centers
  40. Obama Unveils Health Care Plan, Violates Pledge by Keeping Abortion Funding
  41. Pope Benedict: Dignitas Personae, Dignity of People Same in Abortion, Bioet
  42. Obama Pro-Abortion Health Care Reconciliation Bill Expected Monday
  43. Canada Curling Team Member Just Third Pregnant Athlete in Olympics History
  44. Millennial generation less religious, says study
  45. Obama Faith Advisor Harry Knox Reaffirms Catholic Church Bashing
  46. Obama Gives Planned Parenthood President Frequent White House Access
  47. Document Reveals More Abortion, Sexual Abuse Violations at Planned Parentho
  48. Why put a warning if.....
  49. Pro-Abortion Sen. Bayh to Retire, Easier for Pro-Life Senate Wins
  50. MR people and the use of reason