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  1. Prot-Calvin found USA
  2. A Very "PC" Inclusive Holiday Song
  3. Senate GOP Blocks Obama Pro-Abortion Judicial Pick Edward Chen
  4. Catholic Health Association: We Agree With Bishops on Abortion, Health Care
  5. Senate Passes Health Care Bill: Funds Abortions, Mandates Insurance Coverag
  6. Ben Nelson Attacks Pro-Life Advocates, Defends Pro-Abortion Compromise
  7. The Genocide Has Begun
  8. Catholic Bishops Oppose Senate Health Care Bill Because of Abortion Funding
  9. Stupak: Obama Admin Bullying Me to Accept Abortion Funding in Health Care
  10. Senators Challenge Health Care Section Making Death Panels Permanent
  11. Poll: 72 Percent Oppose Paying for Abortions in Health Care Bill
  12. Is this real "apparition"?!?!?
  13. Catholic Bishops Oppose Nelson-Reid Deal on Abortion Funding in Senate Bill
  14. Senate Ends Filibuster on Manager's Amendment to Pro-Abortion Health Care B
  15. The Kingship of Christ vs. the Kingship of Satan
  16. Pro-Life News Wrap-Up on Reid-Nelson Abortion Funding Compromise
  17. Nelson and Reid Agree to Phony Abortion Funding Compromise in Senate Bill
  18. Faith Survives in Tibet
  19. Catholic Bishops Give Thumbs Down to Casey Abortion Funding Compromise
  20. Catholic Health Association Backs Phony Casey Abortion Funding Compromise
  21. Pro-Life Activist Lila Rose Attacked by Planned Parenthood Escort
  22. President Obama Forces Americans to Pay for Abortions in Nation's Capital
  23. Female soldiers struggle for acceptance
  24. Nelson Rejects "Compromise" on Abortion Funding in Senate Bill
  25. Nancy Pelosi: "Thank God" Senate Bill Funds Abortions
  26. Pro-Life Groups: Casey's Abortion-Health Care Compromise No Good
  27. Obama Forces Americans to Pay for More Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  28. Pope Benedict Speaks Out Against Abortion, Euthanasia
  29. Fellowship & Conflict
  30. Student sent home for drawing crucifix
  31. Obama Will Remove Abortion Funding Ban From Health Care Bill
  32. Catholic Bishops Send Another Letter to Senate to Cut Abortion From Health
  33. Police Find Body of Unborn Baby Killed in Abortion in Christmas Gift Box
  34. Planned Parenthood Calls Video "False" Showing it Lying to Women on Abortio
  35. Woman Comatose for Month After Botched Abortion Gets $1.9 M Settlement
  36. Senate Panel OKs Obama's Pro-Abortion EEOC Nominee, Chai Feldblum
  37. Senate OK Bill Funding Abortions in Nation's Capital, Obama to Sign
  38. The Catholic view on wasting food (or loving expensive food)
  39. Ballet Parking: The Nutcracker and Counter-Revolution
  40. Living in a van - for an education
  41. Fake Catholic Groups Resurface in Health Care-Abortion Funding Debate
  42. "Forever in Blue Jeans" by George Will
  43. Senate Vote This Weekend on Funding Abortions in District of Columbia
  44. Article lambasting women in combat
  45. House Approves Bill That Funds Abortions in Nation's Capital
  46. Pro-Life Group Urges Congress to Defeat Omnibus Over DC Abortion $
  47. House to Vote Thursday on Tax-Funding of Abortions in Nation's Capital
  48. Video Shows Planned Parenthood Staff Lying to Woman About Abortion
  49. Senate Defeats Nelson Amendment to Stop Abortion Funding in Health Care
  50. Report Shows 1,500 Abortion Centers Closed Since 1991, Pro-Life Victory