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  1. Video games bad for kids attention spans
  2. WHY do DINKs need an SUV?
  3. For Your Information
  4. After Senate Hearings, Pro-Lifers Say Reject Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan
  5. A "Burqini?"
  6. Pro-Life Group: Kagan Gave False Abortion Testimony, Wants Probe
  7. Stop NARAL From Removing Pregnancy Centers From Internet Directories
  8. Poll: Plurality Oppose Kagan But Most Expect Senate to Confirm Her
  9. Raoul76 READ THIS!
  10. Kagan Attempted to Influence Second Group on Partial-Birth Abortions
  11. Kagan Asked About Memo Changing Statement on Partial-Birth Abortion
  12. Catholic Bishops: Don't Turn Military Hospitals in Abortion Centers
  13. Kagan Defends Expansive Health Exception on Abortion in Senate Hearing
  14. I Want to tell you a story
  15. Study Denying Fetal Pain Lacks Scientific Basis, Pro-Life Groups Say
  16. Join Efforts to Stop Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Pick Elena Kagan
  17. Bikini or headscarf - which offers more freedom?
  18. So much for judge-obsessing!!
  19. Asian christian to be an oxymoron?
  20. Borax will do the trick - forget the fancy cleaners
  21. Study Confirms Abortion Triples Breast Cancer Rise Among Women
  22. Women's fashions that offend Our Lord
  23. Robert Bork to Oppose Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan
  24. Top Republican Leaves Door Open to Potential Kagan Filibuster
  25. Nine priests to be ordained June 18
  26. Petition Asks Obama Admin to Not Approve New Abortion Drug Ella
  27. Catholic Bishop Blames Catholic Health Association for Pro-Abortion Health
  28. FDA Advisory Committee Gives Thumbs Up to New Abortion Drug Ella
  29. Happy Birtday Hristoroquen !
  30. Kagan's Thesis Has Supreme Court Nominee Praising Activist Judges
  31. Pro-Abortion Group NARAL Behind Elena Kagan for Supreme Court
  32. Homeschooled kids will have huge advantage
  33. John Salza-how to talk to "Bible Christians"
  34. Gallup Poll: Americans Say Obama, Pro-Abortion Democrats Too Liberal
  35. Teacher supports family of 4 on 39,000
  36. Hope I handled this well
  37. St Josephs Night for wedding night?
  38. Want Republicans to take over congress
  39. Kagan Ignored Medical Group's Opinion to Keep Partial-Birth Abortions Legal
  40. Value of a Sacrament...
  41. Tell Your Senators No Abortions at Tax-Funded US Military Bases
  42. Kagan Files From Clinton Admin Show Her Backing Human Cloning
  43. Joe Biden Lends Support for Pro-Abortion Kenya Constitution
  44. Pro-Life Group: Kagan Could Push Supreme Court on Assisted Suicide
  45. Pro-Life Women Win Big in Elections in California, Nevada
  46. Hooked on gadgets - paying a mental price
  47. Teenager Does Self-Abortion With Pencil, Boyfriend Buries Baby's Body
  48. US VS Europe morals
  49. Pro-Life Group Files Papers in Lawsuit Against Pro-Abortion Health Care
  50. Sister Keehan Gives Catholic HS Speech Despite Pro-Abortion Bill Support