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  1. Top Companies Stop Backing Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
  2. Phlegmatic temperament
  3. Sanguine temperament
  4. Choleric temperament
  5. Abortion Backers Put Women at Risk, Promote RU 486 Drug Without Ultrasound
  6. Planned Parenthood Uses "Choice on Earth" Theme for Fundraising Email
  7. Judge: Planned Parenthood Rushed Abortion on Sexually Abused Teen
  8. How to choose godparents?
  9. Sarah Palin Book "America by Heart" is a Pro-Life Family Story
  10. Republican Party Chair Candidates to Debate Pro-Life Issues
  11. Carhart Faces Pro-Life Protestors as Late Abortions Begin
  12. Abortion Practitioner Loses Medical License Permanently
  13. Latest on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Battles
  14. St. Marys KS -- Catholic Disneyland or good thing?
  15. Think we Trad Catholics have it bad?
  16. Survey Shows 31 Abortion Centers Closed Over Last 12 Months
  17. ACOG Again Denies Conscience Rights of Doctors on Abortion
  18. Direct Conversion ay Make Embryonic Stem Cell Research Obsolete
  19. Atheist billboard scheduled to stay up in time for Christmas
  20. How many here..
  21. Sister wives explained
  22. BirthorNot Couple Says Abortion Vote Web Site Not a Hoax
  23. Husband Behind BirthOrNot Web Site Admits Abortion Vote a Hoax
  24. Next Pro-Life Battle Centers on Abortions at Military Bases
  25. Vote Shifts Towards Telling Couple to Have Abortion, Possible Vote Fraud
  26. DONT MISS THIS in honor of St. Cecilia TODAY
  27. The Pope is said to Approve Use of Condoms in AIDS cases ???
  28. Obama Admin Okays Second Trial of Embryonic-Like Stem Cells in Humans
  29. Pope Benedict Not Changing Catholic Teaching on Condoms
  30. Growing up digital - wired for distraction
  31. Catholic Backer of Pro-Abortion Obama to Attend Cardinal Burkes Designatio
  32. Saint Alphonsus, Please Make Clint Eastwoods Day For Him
  33. Couples Abortion Vote Site Declared a Pro-Life Publicity Stunt
  34. Pope: Heath Care Access a Right, Not Abortion or Euthanasia
  35. Couples Web Site Lets Public Vote: Give Birth or Have Abortion
  36. New Catholic Bishops President Chided Biden, Pelosi on Abortion
  37. Catholic Bishops President: We Were Right on Abortion, Health Care
  38. Open Letter
  39. Tea Party Activists Tell Republicans to Avoid Abortion
  40. Any teachers on this forum?
  41. What does it cost to raise a family?
  42. To Mothers of Young Children
  43. Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz President Makes Almost 400,000
  44. Sarah Palin Calls Obama "The Most Pro-Abortion President"
  45. Pope Benedict Calls for Pro-Lifers Worldwide to Pray Against Abortion
  46. More ridiculous CNN propaganda
  47. Supreme Court: Kagan to Decide ObamaCare Despite Admin Role
  48. President George W. Bush: Seeing Unborn Baby Shaped Pro-Life Views
  49. Obama Admin May Face Probe on Funding of Pro-Abortion Kenya Groups
  50. Question for Stay at Home Moms