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  1. Iota Eta Sigma
  2. Going to Prison
  3. "A blood boiling post worthy of its own thread"
  4. A candle in their hand
  5. Blasphemous opera - Our Lord, St. Mary Magdalene, an insult cries to heaven
  6. children and being hurt by cliques
  7. Is Ballet sinful?
  8. More modest swimwear
  9. Places to Find Tradcat Friends or Penpals
  10. Dispensations?
  11. The Love of a Mother
  12. Where do you go for news?
  13. Loyalty and region
  14. Rural living incompatible with Catholicism?
  15. A nice tension free thread
  16. Kill the Bill, NOT the Child
  17. The Internet IS dangerous and full of errors
  18. Seriously...
  19. The Rule of Law...
  20. Rebuilding Christendom conference
  21. What to do...
  22. Overpopulation myth
  23. The Rural Project
  24. Group Unity and Jewish Influence
  25. There is a very weird thing
  26. Statement by the Catholic Bishops of Ireland
  27. Kenny: Im a Catholic, not a Catholic Taoiseach
  28. What should widows do?
  29. Advice about a new computer.
  30. Youth Defence Pro-life Flash Mob Hits Madrid during World Youth Day!
  31. James Connolly returned to his faith before execution
  32. Protest in Enfield
  33. College
  34. I am sorry!
  35. She found God in the midst of Hell
  36. The Beatitudes
  37. Pope Meets with Armenian Patriarch
  38. Home schooling growing faster then public enrollment
  39. Burritos for the Homeless
  40. I hate the whole social stigma that comes with welfare...
  41. Patriotards.......
  42. Traditional Spirituality for Laypeople
  43. 50,000 people attend Vigil for Life
  44. The History of Cultural Marxism Political Correctness
  45. Hidden Idolsl
  46. Five to One
  47. Another New Saint (maybe)
  48. Morality clause still in effect
  49. Morality of Spreading Literature
  50. My sister is a doctor now