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  1. Catholics on Twitter
  2. Hellish existence in a shipping fulfillment center!
  3. Cherie Blair Attacks Stay-at-home Moms
  4. Is modern banking usurious?
  5. Road Rage.....
  6. Baby shampoo makes children test positive for Marijuana
  7. Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men
  8. CNN: Children cost 235,000 each to raise
  9. Ex-Catholics abound in the USA
  10. Giving inheritance to charity instead of kids?
  11. FishEaters Insanity
  12. Women are groomed to be the husband of the family
  13. Being a surrogate parent in the 21st century
  14. People who are madly in love
  15. Abstaining from meat on Feast of the Sacred Heart?
  16. UK governement wants to ban crucifixes
  17. Human Desire and Gods Will
  18. Very Important to Remember
  19. Women and Romance Novels, Movies, etc
  20. Is it a sin?
  21. Is your Home Enthroned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?
  22. homeschooled children at disadvantage
  23. The Study of Sacred Doctrine
  24. The How and Why of Large Families
  25. Pedophile ex-priest now working for TSA
  26. I never will be a mother -- and why
  27. Lady Gaga Protests in Manilla
  28. Feminist song heard in the grocery store
  29. Facebook destroys marriages
  30. How to get married with no Catholic Priest available
  31. Women wearing red immodest?
  32. Men and women of the forum please comment on my thoughts on women and
  33. Selling Out?
  34. Barack Herod Obama
  35. Beautiful Story
  36. Dripping Hatred In Our Culture Today
  37. Choice of Crucifix
  38. Google promotes 2-child family size
  39. What is a fair and living wage?
  40. Aborted babies go to Heaven
  41. 30 Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Want LOTS of Children
  42. Protestants
  43. Amazing(sarcasm)
  44. Girl sent home from school - For dress violation...
  45. What Does God Ordain for a Valid Marriage to Take Place?
  46. Audio Sermon Fr. Cooper Veneta Oregon
  47. So I cant get to mass
  48. Zimmerman a "devout Catholic"
  49. Baby Boomer values in 2012 - why they must be rejected
  50. The USA and Catholic social teaching