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  1. What is considered consenting to a sin?
  2. First Trad Confession
  3. Buddhist altar in home of traditional Catholic priest
  4. Can we lie about taking the Jab?
  5. Why are vaxed Pilots dying so quickly?
  6. Vax Home Interviews
  7. Is this a good cd?
  8. 4000+ Babies Killed Today, who Cares?
  9. Rural Camps Coming
  10. When is One Guilty of Scandal?
  11. How does one get the courage to speak up?
  12. Question about the ends justifying the means
  13. Please pray for Mark79
  14. Composting human remains?
  15. Catholic rebuttal needed for "We'll convert your children"
  16. What is the criteria for an activity to be considered "effeminate"
  17. Greece Erupts
  18. Wise educated and holy Catholics - the Majority is always right
  19. Most Priests, Religious and even laity hold leadership when r disqualified
  20. "Black Widow" --- much to like about this movie
  21. How I Dealt with Bullying
  22. PP's deeply enmeshed partnership with the University of Pittsburgh
  23. Quarantine Camps
  24. Who Needs Prisons? Self Isolation
  25. Hey Kids, Let's Get The Smart Mark!
  26. WEF: We Are Now Hackable Animals
  27. Stupidity knows no bounds!
  28. Cuban Uprising vs American Police State
  29. Kept in a Camp for 22 Days for Refusing Test
  30. Fr. Faber on the cosmos and aliens
  31. recommended reading on emf radiation
  32. Chesterton "Materialism is really our established Church"
  33. Lukewarm Trads Will be Abandoned
  34. Withdrawing From the World to Save It
  35. Overt Satanism Becoming Acceptable
  36. Those “Hateful” Hungarians!
  37. Luxemborg Study Proves Magnetism
  38. New Zealand: You WILL Get Vaxed!
  39. Plinio-worshippers: interesting link sent to me by Marion
  40. 10 Catholic Families Remain missing in Surfside Condo collapse
  41. Detraction - When are We Guilty?
  42. Jabbing is da Gubmint’s Bidness
  43. Know a Trad Tax Attorney?
  44. 2 ANGELS Assisting a Soul to (Russia)
  45. We Need To Understand Graphene!
  46. Thousands Getting Saline Injection Substitute
  47. Which IRL activities are you content to be MORON in?
  48. New CI Rule for Vid Posters?
  49. Life As A CYBORG
  50. Does anyone find Matt 7:1-5 challenging to put into practice ?