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  1. Pope Francis urges young not to waste time on Internet and
  2. 57 year old owes 152000 in student loan debt
  3. St Benedict Medals
  4. Metor observed in Los Angeles - 2:48 am PDT (UTC - 7)
  5. The trouble continues
  6. Are looks important in choosing a mate?
  7. He or she - a modern novelty
  8. Gambling
  9. Dont let your children grow up to be Farmers
  10. The Coyote - Illinois vs. Texas
  11. What have you had traffic tickets for and how many ?
  12. On-Line Catholic Philosophy Circles
  13. Handy Tip to Reduce Long Threads
  14. Moral Question
  15. Dating without intending to get married is like
  16. Robots Will Create Permanently Unemployable Underclass
  17. Buying generic and store brand medicines and foods
  18. Modern Catholic men
  19. National Sexuality Education Standards of the Future of Sex Education
  20. Modern women
  21. Nuns Attacked
  22. Catholic Athlete II: Babe Ruth.
  23. Spaceship Earth
  24. Forgiven
  25. Three kinds of men who are not trusted by their peers.
  26. Finns beat U.S. with low-tech take on school
  27. A criticism of libertarianism...
  28. Catholic Athlete I: Barry Bonds
  29. The future of employment looks scary
  30. Modesty of Dress and the Love of God
  31. Most Refuse to Convert
  32. What if you want to marry a Protestant?
  33. Do You Choose Your Words Wisely?
  34. Jurisdiction "problem" and "Rome approved" latin masses
  35. How times have changed - single mothers - home prices - etc
  36. Dumb Catholic Match
  37. Wives, husbands DO NOT have to EARN your respect
  38. Self-sufficient hobbies - anyone?
  39. Men and Women should not be Effeminate
  40. Residential Schools: Why Catholicism Is Resented in Indigenous Communities
  41. Dying relative,anointing of the sick....
  42. The Beauty of the Catholic Homeschool Mother
  43. A Papal Diarchy
  44. Three year olds should use knives and climb trees
  45. Confession
  46. The Church in Zanzibar
  47. Rebuilding Christendom
  48. Excorcisms Today
  49. Mandatory Display
  50. I no longer give to charity and here is why...