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Fr. Feeney's The Point - Mentions Of Hitler
« on: February 07, 2019, 07:11:12 PM »
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  • If the Nazis were supremacists this wouldn't make them morally inferior to Jews. Even if they had attempted to genocide Jews, which they didn't, they still wouldn't qualify as morally inferior to Jews.

    I've long thought that there's no reason why one shouldn't be prejudiced towards both Nazis and Jews. This was the position of Fr. Fahey and Fr. Feeney.

    According to the Jew establishment and Jewy types if you're anti-Nazi you must like Jews.

    Not so fast.

    There aren't many references to Hitler in Fr. Feeney's The Point, but here they are. I have a quibble with the last quote.

    "By the year 1933, Adolph Hitler had arrived on the scene, and it became quite apparent that there would be no room in Germany for two such contradictory enterprises as the Jew-ridden, communal Bauhaus and the Jew-Hating National Socialism. The Nazis chose to stay, and ordered Gropius and company to pack some realistic luggage and get out."

    "Another recent Jewish book, Rabbi Ernest Trattner’s Understanding the Talmud, puts Pope Saint Pius V in the same list with Adolf Hitler, as an enemy of the Jewish religion!

    Nor is this “publishing” attack on the saints a new strategy for the Jews. Established works of Jewish reference that have been in use for years are riddled with similar hateful accounts. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge, edited by the “scholarly” Jacob De Haas, has a gloating article telling how the Spanish marranos (fraudulent Jewish converts to the Faith) murdered Saint Peter Arbues, the Inquisitor who was exposing their perfidy. “In the crime,” boasts the article, “some of the greatest of the marranos, members of the Santangel family, participated.”"

    "“However divided the Gentile nations may be in their instincts and aspirations, they unite in their common aversion to the Jew; it is the one point on which they establish immediate agreement.”

    When Jewish leader Leon Pinsker made the above statement, in the year 1882, the pogroms of Russia, in which tens of thousands of Jews were massacred, had only just begun; Adolph Hitler of Germany was not yet born; the Dreyfus Case of France was still twelve years away. Yet the truth of Pinsker’s statement was as strikingly evident when he made it as it is today."

    . . .

    "The most notable Jewish slaughters of the l600’s were those in Poland, where more than 200,000 were slain under the Cossack leader, Chmielnicki. Such treatment for the Jews of Eastern Europe (over half the world’s number at that time) continued into the present century. During Russia’s anti-Jewish demonstrations of 1905, there were 690 separate pogroms within one eleven-day period. And in the years that followed, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Romania all conducted extensive slaughters of their respective Jews — until these countries became incorporated into that potent anti-Jewish machine which the Jews claim was the bloodiest of all time: the National-Socialist Government of Germany."

    . . .

    "Though the Jews may become powerful for a time in some particular countries, as they once were in Moorish Spain, as they once were in modern Germany, as they now are in the United States, even then, in their hours of triumph, they will be always restless and fearful, knowing from deep experience that at any moment the Gentiles among whom they live may rise up against them."

    "A frightening sidelight on this matter of steady income from Israel’s nonresident citizens came in September of 1952, when a special “Reparations” fee of $715,000,000 was extorted by Israel from the government of West Germany. Fantastic as it sounds, this money (being paid in installments of $60,000,000 per annum) is to compensate for the fact that several years before the State of Israel even existed, German citizens mistreated some fellow-German citizens of Jewish blood. The clear claim of the State of Israel in all this is that the German Jews who suffered under Hitler were not Germans at all, but citizens of the Jewish State. And the only conclusion to draw from such a precedent is that, if the Jews have their way, anyone who offends any Jew, in any country, will be responsible to the government of the State of Israel, and liable for whatever “reparations” the Israelis may demand!"

    "Whether by deliberate design or not, the historical fact is that, for hundreds of thousands of German-speaking Jews, Father Oesterreicher’s sudden priesthood became an immediate weapon against the rising anti-Jewishness of Adolph Hitler. With the weight of the Catholic Church presumably behind him, and the passion of his Jewish blood clearly pushing him on, Father Oesterreicher began a frenzied crusade of writing and speaking. He invoked, as authorities, both saints and sociologists, popes and psychiatrists. He devised arguments from demonology and anthropology, from scholastics and rationalists — all to prove to the Catholics of Austria and Germany that anyone who speaks ill of a Jew is actually blaspheming Jesus Christ Himself!

    The same Catholics who well knew that the program proposed by Hitler was hardly the Church’s solution to the Jewish question, knew quite as well that Father Oesterreicher did not have the answer either.

    As Hitler proceeded across Europe, Father Oesterreicher managed to keep several towns ahead of him, and finally, in 1941, turned up as a curate in New York City. Since there were in our whole country only about a dozen Jewish-convert priests, Father Oesterreicher proved to be a popular novelty. He was the object of much parochial curiosity and found no difficulty in gathering an inquisitive crowd for the lectures he started to give within six months of his arrival here. His message was invariably of one theme. Always there was the appeal to respect, to admire, to love, to fall down in the mud and worship the Jewish race. And always the appeal was subtly charged with what Father Oesterreicher hoped would pass for the binding authority of the Catholic Church."

    It is not without cause that the Jews of America are still bewailing the rise and rule of Adolph Hitler. The late German dictator played upon the Jews a most malicious trick. Right from under their noses, Hitler stole the Jews’ we-have-been-chosen-to-rule-the-world ideology and applied it to the Aryan Germans, who took it up with remarkable gusto, and with tragic results.

    Yet, to Hitler, the Jews of America are indebted for a particular phase of their super-race tactics which they had never before fully developed. Hitler’s effectiveness was in large part due to his maintenance of an undercover police force, the dreaded Gestapo. Sensing the value of such an organization, American Jews determined to expand one of their already existing agencies, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, giving it all the force of Hitler’s secret police.

    "There are, at present, more Jews in the United States than in any other nation in the world. According to official Jewish statistics, there are five million of them, and however minimized this figure may be, it is still more than twice the number of Jews acknowledged to be now in Russia, four times the number in Israel, and ten times the number in pre-Hitler Germany."

    "But to conclude from this that we are going to rally to Mr. Franklin’s crusade, is to miss the point entirely. Catholic anti-semitism, and that is a poor word for it, is traditionally a religious matter. It has never offered a “Hitler solution” for the Jew problem. Its consistent remedy has been ghettos and, perhaps surprisingly, a frequent willingness to have Jews around, in controllable numbers. For Jews (Mr. Franklin is very much out of this now) have a decided theological value. As Saint Bernard says, they are dispersed by God in Christian lands to be a constant reminder to us of the treachery of the first Good Friday, which treachery they are cursed to keep repeating, through their children.

    One morning last month we were especially struck by the theological value of the Jew-at-hand. Precisely because we were living in an America that has not excluded Jews, we Catholics truly appreciated, on last Good Friday, the Church’s annual prayer “for the perfidious Jews.” History indicates that Mr. Franklin never prayed for them — and would have been even less inclined to had he known that Catholics did!"

    I'm not so sure about this last quote claiming that,

    "Catholic anti-semitism, and that is a poor word for it, is traditionally a religious matter. It has never offered a “Hitler solution” for the Jew problem. Its consistent remedy has been ghettos and, perhaps surprisingly, a frequent willingness to have Jews around, in controllable numbers."

    "Hitler solution" isn't explained, but the Church at various times in Her history has done just about everything to Jews that the National Socialists did. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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