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Author Topic: Is BOD Merely a "Disputed Issue?"  (Read 5336 times)

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Re: Is BOD Merely a "Disputed Issue?"
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  • And this word "voto" is found in the Justification section; not even in the Sacraments section nor the Baptism canons. If Trent would actually have taught "Baptism of Desire" as many are prone to carelessly affirm; then it would have made more sense for the statement to be included in the specific section dealing with Baptism.

    Salvation by "justification" alone (for non-Catholics!), is basically what these people really believe in. They just throw the terms out there without knowing what they really mean nor the proper relations between them.
    Furthermore, if they are to extend "voto" to Baptism, they must do it for ALL Sacraments. So therefore if we have Baptism of Desire, we must also have Matrimony of Desire, Communion of Desire, Holy Orders of Desire, etc. 


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