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Author Topic: Father James Wathen (RIP) against sedevacantism  (Read 1546 times)

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Re: Father James Wathen (RIP) against sedevacantism
« Reply #15 on: August 03, 2018, 08:19:11 AM »
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  • And the fact that he taught against sedevacantism gives me some hope that if I study Father Wathen's writings and lectures I can give up sedevacantism. I am open to the truth, but I do not accept falsehood. It is very uncomfortable to me to be on the other side of this issue from over a billion Novus Ordos, more  than six billion pagans or heretics and schismatics, and most traditional Catholics who do believe in the validity of the Modernist popes. As they say, truth is not a democratic process, but it is indeed scary to be all alone on the outside.
    Why take a position on sede-ism at all? Can you be a Catholic today and be agnostic on the sede-question? For the average Catholic, I believe this to be true. This question is above us. It's a question not relative to salvation (in a certain sense of course); God will not ask you if you were a Sedevacantist, Sedeprivationist, or Sedewhateverist. He will not ask if you (a layman) made sure to vet Walthen against Garrigou-Lagrange against Aquinas against +Williamson against ++Lefebvre against Hewko/Pfieffer against Chekada etc etc etc. He will read your heart and show it to you.

    I agree with others: don't take a position because you are in the trenches alone. Take a position because it is right. In this case (the 'sede-question') our hyper-literary generation have made an issue which only the hierarchy can solve and tried to take it on ourselves with devastating effects. Joe priest (and especially people like Mikey and Pete) cannot force you to take a stance one way or the other. If you choose to have an opinion, great. But remember it is just an opinion. Opinions can be right, and they can be wrong. Certain things we must take a stance on: The Catholic Faith is True; Jesus Christ is God; etc. Other things can be left as questions not needing answers. Remember: Christ will reveal all in His second coming.


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