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Author Topic: Can someone translate this Latin passage that pertains to BOD controversy?  (Read 401 times)

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St. Augustine:

(Aug. Retr. 2, 18 [Knöll 2, 44, 3]; de nat. et orig. an 1, 9, 11; 3, 9, 12)  Quare iste adductus est a gubernatione Dei, ut baptizaretur; ille autem cum bene catechumenus vixerit, subita ruina mortuus est et ad baptismum non pervenit? Ille autem cum scelerate vixerit, cum luxuriosus, cum moechus, cum scenicus, cum venator aegrotavit, baptizatus est, discessit,… Peccatum in eo deletum est? Quaere merita! Non invenies nisi poenam. Quaere gratiam: O altitudo divitiarum! (de nat. et orig. an p. 27, 6)
 [Why is it that the latter (the evil man) was led by divine providence to be baptized, while the former died by sudden catastrophe, although he lived well as a catechumen, without arriving at baptism? (Why is it that) the evil man although he had lived the life of a villain, although he displayed the weaknesses of the wanton, of an adulterer, of a stage artist, of a hunter, was nevertheless baptized before he died, … and his sins were wiped out? If you are looking for what people properly deserve, you will find only punishment. If you are looking for grace: O the depths of the riches of God…!]

A monk and theologian named Rabanus Maurus commented on this passage of St. Augustine:,+subita+ruina+mortuus&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizovLCr67TAhUCmJQKHc9XBEA4ChDoAQhSMAc#v=onepage&q=bene%20catechumenus%20vixerit%2C%20subita%20ruina%20mortuus&f=false

Will anyone translate Rabanus' comments? 


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