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  1. Evolution statement
  2. Do you believe Protestants, as Protestants, can be saved?
  3. Response to Neil Obstat
  4. Fr. Wathen - "The Matter of Baptism of Desire"
  5. Ladislaus, Drew, Subborn, Please proof read
  6. What did Jesus do to the OT Patriarchs in Limbo?
  7. Is BOD Merely a "Disputed Issue?"
  8. I apologize to Sean Johnson
  9. Sean Johnson's "implicit desire" quote is a fake
  10. Continued in the Ghetto: Baptism of Desire and Bishop Williamson on the Newmass
  11. Dear Strict EENSers, Please Don't Arrange Chairs on the Ttianic
  12. Ludwig Ott implicitly refutes Baptism of Desire
  13. Father James Wathen (RIP) against sedevacantism
  14. From the Gospel of Mark
  15. C of E encourages trans-clerics
  16. Traditional Groups the Reject BOD/BOB
  17. Genuinely curious - rejection of Baptism and the Council of Trent
  18. From a Soul in Purgatory
  19. What's with the Dimond brothers?
  20. On EENS and the Vatican Position on bod
  21. Dogmatic Decrees? We Will Interpret Them to Our Desires
  22. From Father Galitzin
  23. Can someone translate this Latin passage that pertains to BOD controversy?
  24. Popes on EENS
  25. The Catechumen
  26. The Theologians
  27. Why so many Feeneyites on Cathinfo?
  28. For People who Believe there is Such a Thing as a “Feeneyite.”
  29. The Root of Lover of Truth's Illness
  30. Suprema Haec and Vatican II on EENS
  31. Good Catholics Give Assent to Authoritative Documents
  34. Pope Innocent III condemns St. Alphonsus' speculative theology regarding BoD
  35. The three errors of the Feeneyites
  36. The Theological and Historical Background of the Dogma
  37. What Lover of Truth Believes about Salvation of non-Catholics
  38. Ladislaus the Calumniating Detractor
  39. From the Bible
  40. The Holy Office Letter Suprema Haec Sacra
  41. No Salvation Outside the Church
  42. Commentary On The Encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi
  43. Can one be Justified and not be in a state of Sanctifying Grace?
  44. People needing baptism, raised from the dead, etc.
  45. Question for the so-called 'Lover of Truth'
  46. Why Feeneyites Hate Catholic Teaching
  47. John 3:5
  48. The Encyclical Quanto Conficiamur Moerore
  49. The Allocution Singulari Quadam
  50. The Decree for the Jacobites Cantate Domino