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Writing a story : Osee (Hosea)
« on: August 14, 2019, 12:02:15 PM »
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  • Osee: Chapter 1

    [2] The beginning of the Lord's speaking by Osee: and the Lord said to Osee: Go, take thee a wife of fornications, and have of her children of fornications: for the land by fornication shall depart from the Lord.

    I am trying to write a story. I am working on a project. Originally I wanted to write three screenplays. However, Roberto, who I showed my stories to, advised me that it would be better as prose. So I came up with the idea of writing a Novel in three parts. The first part is tentatively titled: Thirteen Fantasies. It is about a Marriage and the death of a pious man and afterwards the conversion of a former whore, his wife. The second part is tentatively titled "Corrina, Corrina" after the song recorded by Bob Dylan that the Beatles liked. It is about a love triangle where the boy ends up marrying a former whore instead of a virgin. The third is untitled and is about an irregular marriage that ends in the death of the husband. At first I wanted to write it after Thus Spake Zarathustra, but Father Purdy told me not to read that book so I have to use other sources. I told myself the third part would take ten years to write.

    But Roberto is my dear reader. I show him what I write and he gives me advice. I do not take all of his advice but most of it is good. He told me about this verse in Osee and it became the centerpiece of my story. I wrote after Osee in the fantasy titled "The Three Days of Darkness":

    “Go and take a harlot for a wife and have with her children of harlotry because this land is shaming herself like a harlot and departing from the Lord.”

    So I want to thank Roberto for reading my stories and pointing me to Osee which I am reading now to better understand my story. Pray for us, we need your prayers and I will pray for you. I pray for Robert and I hope he prays for us.

    I have a thought though. I originally wanted to make these as screenplays and I told my friend Ronan about them and he asked me why I didn't show my screenplays to a girl who wants to make movies. The story is a figure of her and my misguided love for her. But I told him I would not want to show her because they are about her. But in my mind, I think she is not a good girl, but in my stories I try to make her a good Christian.

    I love Roberto. I met him while posting on Suscipe Domine, and I like him. We talked a lot by PM and I read his blog and he reads my blog. Last I heard he was an agnostic. Hopefully he will come back to the faith.

    I don't really care about my writing. I love it, but it is not important. What is more important to me is my prayer. But I guess one can make one's work and one's play into a kind of prayer. I do like writing stories. I prefer fables to serious stuff and these stories are serious, they are dirty and I find them shocking. I wanted to put a warning in the beginning: "This story is for sinners and grownups with battle-scars, if you are innocent or a child, this story is not for you."

    I have in mind a Flannery O'Connor quote:
    " . . . then you have to make your vision apparent by shock -- to the hard of hearing you shout, and for the almost blind you draw large and startling figures.”
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