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User Poems
« Reply #75 on: December 02, 2015, 04:04:38 PM »
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  • Youth has energy that many wish to keep
    We have it for some time until we are much
    older and then we sleep
    Yes we can have it in heart and soul
    Jesus gives us himself make it our goal
    Jumping and running we like as children
    When we are adults we do that less
    and begin to listen.
    Offer thyself and keep busy to Christ,
    Keep him on thy mind and hear his advice.
    He leads us he compels
    For our soul his wish to dwell.
    He wants us proper before his
    Heavenly Father.
    Holy Ghost sanctifies us well
    and he is not a bother.
    Let holiness be thy daily deed,
    Let in shine and keep it neat.
    Remember the truth to follow his law,
    Recall we follow a good example
    for not all beds are made of soft straw.
    Our ending of life will one day be hear,
    Love without measure and Jesus will steer.
    Angels can be our side throughout our life.
    Angels assist us when trialed with so
    much pain and lots of strife.
    Let them help us to get to Heaven,
    Paradise awaits the pure we hope
    we are gettin.

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    User Poems
    « Reply #76 on: December 09, 2015, 01:36:50 PM »
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  • O' come, O 'light of
    Heaven into our souls
    Let the truth of Jesus
    shine and be our goal.
    Love today for we know
    not if we here tomorrow.
    Be alive and so their
    will be no sorrow. If
    and when my time arrives
    let others remember me
    and harmony still thrive.
    In this O Lord I do
    this and pray. That
    i can live well this day.

    Sweetest and kind tender
    Jesus bless all of us this
    time of year.  The cold is
    about in the north and some
    are in need of shelter. Let
    none of the innocents be out
    side in the cold and let their
    be warmth for them. Shine O'
    God and have mercy for them.
    Holy Ghost purify them and
    ease their pain,suffering and
    emotional grief. I wish for
    these souls to relieved from
    the harsh world they now face.
    Let none of them perish in sin.
    Heaven abundantly give them some
    sign of peace before their passing.
    In this they have a chance to
    know whether they can attain the
    grace for salvation to be sorry
    and contrite over the sins committed.
    Do not send them to damnation without
    having some pray for them. Help
    please Jesus and let be united to
    thee with thy suffering on the cross.
    In them they are a part of thy ways
    then and will have completed the
    lifels journey here on earth.Amen.

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    User Poems
    « Reply #77 on: December 09, 2015, 01:38:05 PM »
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  • Little Therese inspire me
    Little soul help me to glee
    Heavenly angel help my heart
    Angel Therese never part.
    Under Heaven i seek thee now
    Under the clouds Therese, Aid me to bow.
    Humility i wish and i know i need.
    O Therese give from Heaven a flower seed.
    Thou wish to give us flowers of thy love.
    Thou give peace from the Holy Ghost as a dove.
    Oh my Angel who in Heaven i look to,
    O my Therese bless upon me thy childhood dreams,
    I wish i need i want to have the graces of good
    so my soul has comfort from that which is cruel,
    Be mine be the love O Therese in my mind,
    Be sweet to my pain be sweet when i brood,
    All for Jesus thru the my Therese,
    Instill love instill it inside.
    I know i wish for my Jesus for him i want to please.
    Help my endeavors O my Therese.

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    User Poems
    « Reply #78 on: December 09, 2015, 01:39:21 PM »
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  • O each day i wish to be
    near thee my little Therese
    My soul feels complete  
    My heart skips a beat when you are near
    Inner heavenly grace blesses me with
    the inspiring thou give to me my Therese.
    I love Jesus more , I obey Jesus better,
    I thank thee often since Therese with
    thee my soul shall soften.
    I embrace with all my being, Therese what
    thou did while hear on earth and seeing.
    I know its hard with superiors be harsh,
    With thee Little Therese i will be small,
    I know Therese as I grow i shall be tall,
    Grain from Heaven feeds my soul for I
    wish to be nourished now and not go far.

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    User Poems
    « Reply #79 on: December 09, 2015, 01:41:02 PM »
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  • In my desire my Little
    Therese help through
    my night,  At times it
    hurts at times is a fight,
    I feel the pain of those
    who wish to keep me away
    I know I love God and wish
    to speak to him then play,
    In thee my Therese i wish to
    be that gentle dove,
    It is peaceful patient and
    kind just like the clouds
    up above.
    Therese in thee i want to follow
    Jesus leads me to him like thee,
    Up I need to go but can not some days,
    Mother Mary guides me to be,
    Having to think like a child can surely pay.
    I know that thee my Therese can blossom
    a flower of true Heavenly scent.
    I need to speak my soul
    it wants to repent.

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    User Poems
    « Reply #80 on: December 09, 2015, 01:43:19 PM »
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  • Many day and night we pass thru a tunnel
    dark and long.
    Onward we go to get to the other side.
    It feels fun with it when go fast,
    It can be a thrill and even a blast.
    The tunnel means our inner soul,
    To which we nurture with nature
    a Heavenly goal.
    Soaring thunder across the skies,
    Sending needed rain throughout the night,
    Healing the land  Healing the soil
    Helping the flowers over the heat and its boil,
    Cool relieves the Sun and hot summer,
    Clouds calm it during day and its not a bummer,
    We have fun walking to and fro at the park,
    Young love the pond and even the tree bark,
    Having the love of family and going outside ,
    Lets harmony abound with real love and good pride.
    Angels watch over the good often ,
    They comfort us when playing so the pain will soften.
    One day we shall see the end of a full life,
    It arrives at time so our time we must bide.

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    User Poems
    « Reply #81 on: December 09, 2015, 01:44:45 PM »
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  • Heaven is healthy in thy eyes it glows
    it has peace much yet to decide.
    Harmony it golden rainbow and has
    much color In it the array of unity
    seeks to abound Rain comes and the
    sun shines for another In life we live
    for others and we live for their sound
    We want to be with them for ever Loving
    them with our whole being Seeing them
    leave and away they float like a feather
    Up to Heaven many can go without truly
    leaving They watch us they help us in our
    sleep They calm us when down then hear no
    sound or a peep. With them over us always
    being near The love never stopped even now
     also it became clear. I know my loved one
     will wait for me up above I have my time
    to live and will be carried by the holy dove.
    In my tears the pain subsides the love is
    their i wish to cry My heart heals a little
    with this in mind Heaven aid me when
    weary always with true love inside

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    User Poems
    « Reply #82 on: December 09, 2015, 01:45:52 PM »
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  • Often the desire with the love of our life
    We seek to be with them we seek and not to
    hide We follow we float we break down and
    cry We need them to complete our self
    We wish to be around them when we sigh
    Often they come searching and Often
    they arrive late Instead of us being
    happy for that special date We burst
    into tears feeling they may of been
    lost We get so worried we forget the
    cost Many time we are close and many
    near It is the union of harmony that
    makes it clear We hear the breath upon
    us when we hug It heals so fast and we
    are not smug They often console and
    they kiss Telling us I love you since
    we both miss The point of separation at
    time is their Not for wanting to go for
    we are a pair The return after a period
    in time When the journey is done Gives us
    a sensation that we are one We want to be
    near them when we sleep Not because we are
    away or even sad it since we are whole and
    wish to reap The closeness in bonding is
    much When doing so their is alot to touch.

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    User Poems
    « Reply #83 on: December 09, 2015, 01:47:03 PM »
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  • History is a reminder for us so we can learn
    Helping to guide us so we can yearn
    Holding on to the knowledge is oh so well
    Heaven gives it so it can dwell.
    Pouring out our talent to make things
    Properly building to all that can sing.
    Pious and loving our Jesus is
    Playing is good and praying is better
    Pray now and for ever.
    Silent time can give us
    like the love inside as mist.
    It can rise and move as
    Jesus wills and insists.
    Jovial loving tender heart of fire with
    zeal that can take the dry away.
    Gathering as the shepherd does
    He goes to watch his flock
    Visiting the sheep keeping close.
    Setting a boundary for those not to get lost
    Making them calm not be in storms
    or its frost.
    Cold bitter waves of winter can be high up
    and far north
    Cooler and gentler winds in the valley
    with the sun that is easier to soar.
    Young little tender heavenly children
    that seek to search
    Graciously blessing its energy to share
    where the Holy Dove lands at its perch
    Holy Ghost Holy love Holy God
    mighty and majestic gather the little ones
    Gate them to safety and hide them away
    Mount them near the Angels whom
    are as bright as the sun
    Holy Angels Holy Intercessors Heavenly guides,
    Heaven bless us always in strife.
    Holy Father Holy Eternal Holy Forever ,
    Hail mercy to us the lowly servants now
    to thee and to us do not sever. amen.

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    « Reply #84 on: January 17, 2016, 11:13:18 PM »
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  • Light

    the light in the ceiling,
    shaking, rattling,
    60 cycles per second,
    droning, flickering;
    attractive to bugs
    who burn on contact.
    tubes of metallic, lifeless light
    churning gases

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    « Reply #85 on: February 28, 2016, 09:38:12 PM »
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  • "Freedom isn't Real"

    "Freedom is the greatest lie,
    for we all serve something

    For some it's the call of gold
    and other pleasures of flesh.

    For others it's the call of Christ,
    through marriage and holy orders.

    As for the rest, they listen to the quiet whisper
    of Lucifer in their ear.

    Quietly instructing them how to shine
    his unholy light upon this world.

    He shows them things
    not meant to be seen.

    And they pass his visions to earth,
    corrupting many who have seen.

    Freedom isn't real, for don't you see?
    Humans always kneels at somethings feet.

    The only choice we really have,
    is who's feet we are kneeling at."

    I thought of this rough draft back in my days at a public school. The idea hit me while my teacher was teaching us about free choice and not judging people. So I share it with you guys in hopes for some constructive criticism and your opinions. Please be honest too, I don't want a bunch of false praise if it sucks.
    "The things that we love tell us who we are" - Thomas Aquinas

    Pray for us Blessed Karl I of House Habsburg
    Matthew 10:34

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    « Reply #86 on: May 30, 2016, 10:59:02 AM »
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    Jesu gentle, Jesu holy,
    Shew Thou mercy unto me,
    My poor heart fains love Thee wholly
    As Thou hangst upon the Tree.

    As from Thy Crown the Blood pours down
    Into a crimson sea,
    O Amor Meus I have found
    Thee -- do not let me from Thee flee!

    Vile my flesh and viler still
    Steept in all iniquity
    Is my proud and stony will
    Yearning for all things but Thee.

    At thy feet I long to perish
    Ere again I woundest Thee
    Take me, Father,  for to cherish,
    Till in Heav'n I safe shall be.

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    « Reply #87 on: May 30, 2016, 11:20:09 AM »
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    Silver-white the Star of Morning,
    Tow'r of Gold and Ivory,
    Mystic Rose, whose scent adorning
    All the Church calls me to thee!

    Vessel of a Wine surpassing,
    Pale pure Light across the Sea,
    Mother Church in blissful Massing,
    Ceases ne'er to sing to thee!

    Unto thee sweet hymns are raising,
    Wretched sinners to the flee,
    Midst that glorious fount of praising
    Mother, spare one word for me.

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    « Reply #88 on: June 03, 2016, 04:47:38 PM »
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    Angel-song, aye, from above
    Hast come the God of All,
    What gentle wonderment of love,
    A Child within a stall!

    Angel-song, so sweet and fair,
    Bright golden notes and long,
    In Bethlem town he resteth, there,
    For to set right Man's wrong.

    A Sacrifice! This spotless babe,
    So pure, so pale, so calm!
    The Father's righteous wrath to lave,
    Propitiating balm.

    Angel-song, surpassing fair,
    So crystal-clear and bright,
    In straw-pricked darkness, cold and bare,
    God hast come down this Night.

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    « Reply #89 on: August 11, 2016, 03:50:41 PM »
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  • In a Cowboy's Boots

    I dream of being a cowboy
    Working off the land,
    Leaning tired on hitchin' posts
    At the long day's end.

    Sore from breakin' horses
    And brandin' all the cows
    After guzzlin' dirty water,
    I'd mop my sweaty brow.

    The unforgivin' desert heat
    Would chisel my raw hide
    And toughen me like cactus
    To hide my inner side.

    I'd clink when I'd go walkin'
    Inside saloon or bar.
    But I'd slap the jigger upside down
    The moment I saw stars.

    I'd prolly carry two guns,
    One inside each sleeve,
    If with poker there were trouble.
    After winnin' I would leave.

    Upon a dusty bedroll
    I'd lay my oily head
    And try to count the distant lights
    'Fore killers shot me dead.

    They'd lay me in the valley.
    Tumbleweeds and kindlin'
    Would mark my grave out nowhere
    For visits from my child'n.

    On the wooden cross these words,
    "Lord, pray my soul to keep
    In constant sorrow for my sins,
    Don't let me go down deep."

    Some written to Our Lady
    Conceived without any sin:
    "Sorry that I killed your Son,
    May I now come in?"

    Oh, I fancy bein' a cowboy,
    Brown tobacco cud I'd spit...
    But, I was taught to be a lady
    So this dreamin' jes' don't fit.


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