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Morning Prayer
« on: November 24, 2015, 08:58:16 PM »
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  • Loving kind gentle lord, Let us be driven to fervent pious
    prayer. Instill in us complete total giving to thy Son Jesus.
    His glow is immersed in us when we receive him.  His will
    must be our will as to obey him well. Divine harmony awaits
    us should he be dwelling in us.  As long as the taint of sin,
    is not upon us we can escape damnation. We wish for Heaven,
    We want for heaven and wish for nothing less. In Holy fear of thee
    O Omnipotent Master triumphant thou shall always be in thy time
    and not in ours. Glorious and praiseworthy the Angels sing for
    thee unceasingly. Distinguished above the earth and most resplendent
    is the Golden array of Beauty. Above everyone and anything thou wilt
    shine forever.  Jesus shine with us for the Heavenly Father. Jesus
    elevate us as thou enter our being. Holy Ghost tune our heart and
    mind to the throne of Heaven. Let lift us out of the things of this
    world and be driven to be Saintly. Let the Martyrs of Holy Faith
    drive the words of truth to us with us and in our deeds. In joy we
    sing more in suffering we often complain. Enable our thoughts true
    to Jesus O Holy Ghost so we the faithful children on earth know
    how to serve our venerable master.  O Most loving Immaculate Mother
    Mary.  In serving thee let us be to blessed from thy tender touch.
    Linger around us long enough so we have a glimpse of thee. Just
    enough as to be aware of sins.  We wish to serve thy son and give
    unto him most dutiful our service in a way like never before.
    In all truth let our souls be defended against the malicious dark
    foul creatures of the darkness.  Send them far away as to take all
    demons in the void from where they came. Let none of those who serve
    the evil one stop us from the Almighty Father and let Jesus reign
    Supreme to us on the earth. Love with us always Theotokos and Ever
    Blessed Virgin Mother of all creation. Instill courage like never
    before as to stand tall for Christian virtue and its Holy Words.
    Let the Bible be upon all those who fell in error and convert the
    hardened sinner. Let thy Motherly care help us to help them and
    completely love as true Christians do. Let it be done according
    to the will of the Triune God for ever and ever. Amen

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    Re: Morning Prayer
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