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  • E. Michael Jones Books Banned by Amazon
    E. Michael Jones — June 23, 2020
    TUE, JUN 23
    BANNED! E. Michael Jones Books Removed
    Click Here to Watch Dr. Jones Video about being Banned by Amazon.
    Watch Now
    [img width=594 height=792px][/img][/url]
    After 11 years of promoting all of my books, including The Jєωιѕн ʀɛʋօʟutιօnary Spirit, Amazon, without notice or warning, removed them from our seller account. That move was preceded by the removal of all of my e-books from my Amazon Kindle account one week earlier.
    And why was my Amazon Kindle account taken down? Because we tried to publish an e-book entitled "nαzι Hunters and their Catholic Proxy Warriors," which was a review of a series produced---you guessed it--by Amazon Prime. Their seriesHunters got to promote not only the vilest sort of bigotry and hatred; it also advocated violence against any non-Jew that the main character, portrayed by Al Pacino, considered a nαzι. At this point the nαzι Hunters became judge, jury and executioner, and Al Pacino sanctified their behavior by saying "It's not murder; it’s mitzvah."
    Now Amazon Prime is at it again promoting revenge porn, this time against white people, in the wake of the George Floyd riots. Amazon, in other words, can promote not only ethnic and racial hatred, but violence against groups they don’t like, and no one is allowed to object. Objectors to racism will be punished.  Amazon can sell “Blue Lives Murder” t-shirts promoting violence against the police because it is so big, rich and powerful that no one can stop them from doing anything they want.
    My point is simple. When the rich and the powerful promote hatred and violence, it's known as racial or social justice; when those who are neither rich nor powerful object it's known as hate speech, and they are banned from social media.
    If you Google my name, the first thing the Google algorithm will tell you about me is that I'm an αnтι-ѕємιтє. Once that happens, you are immediately guilty and deprived of any right to state your case, which is what I tried to do in The Jєωιѕн ʀɛʋօʟutιօnary Spirit. That book has been on Amazon for years, garnering a long list of five star reviews, and no one has been able to refute what I said, which is why that book must be banned.
    Those who have heard me out, like this “fanatical atheist” from England, have a different point of view. He wrote:

    I sent you an email back in February saying I was agnostic and looking to find God and you sent me back the cosmological proof for His existence. At the time I did not quite get it but I thought I would send an e-mail to let you know that I did eventually and now I know that God exists. It was after watching the ‘How Evolution Produced the New Atheism’ video with you and Peter Helland that it finally clicked.
    So thanks a lot! It is such a great thing to realize, and it has added so much meaning to my life. I have definitely got a long way to go spiritually but at least knowing the logical part of my mind helps a lot. Of course because of CÖVÌD it is not all that easy to talk with the right people about spirituality so I guess I picked the wrong time to have my religious awakening.
    The fact that you got through to someone like me who was a fanatical atheist not that long ago and was raised by very liberal atheist parents just goes to show how meaningful what you are talking about really is. So keep up the good work because it is really awesome! You have certainly changed my life and outlook on the world away from materialism which is fantastic. I am going to have to get hold of some of your books soon as well!

    The fact that this formerly “fanatical atheist” can’t order my books on Amazon does not mean that those books are no longer available. All of my books are still available at, and we are working on a solution to make my e-books available again as well. Every month a new issue of Culture Wars magazine rolls off the press.As I said when I was first targeted by the ADL, we need to establish independent channels of communication, because what we’re dealing with here is psychological warfare, whose goal has always been prohibiting unauthorized speech among subject peoples.
    When I mentioned that I had gotten banned to a friend, she responded by saying, "God doesn't need Amazon to spread the Word." She is right, of course.
    Word is the English word for Logos, and to cite the most obvious example of the truth of what she said, Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality has been selling better than any other book I have written in spite of the fact that we deliberately withheld it from sale on Amazon. Amazon has been helpful in getting the word out for the past 10 years, but it has become a mixed blessing at best. It has become a ruthless exploiter of producers and suppliers, giving full refunds even after the product has been delivered, cheating us out of the cost of the book and postage. Their arrogance is the sort of thing that you can expect from a man who is still the world’s third richest man even after losing half his wealth in a divorce settlement. People like this should not have a monopoly on the book trade. Organizations like the ADL, which put pressure on Amazon, should not have veto power over who gets to engage in discourse. But that is the current state of affairs as our country plunges headlong to its ʀɛʋօʟutιօnary denouement. Chaos has bred a desire for logos. Logos continues to rise at
    I got the word that Amazon had deleted all of my books on Saturday, June 20. One day later, at Mass on Sunday, June 21, I heard these words, as if in answer not only to my prayer, but to the prayers of all those who have been trodden under foot by the rich and powerful as anarchy now spreads across our land:

    I hear so many disparaging me,
    “Terror on every side.”
    Denounce him! Let us denounce him!”
    All those who used to be my friends
    Watched for my downfall.
    Perhaps he will be seduced into error.
    Then we will master him
    And take our revenge.”
    But Yahweh is at my side, a mighty hero;
    My opponents will stumble, mastered,
    Confounded by their failure;
    Everlasting, unforgettable disgrace will be theirs,
    But you, Yahweh Sabaoth, you probe with justice,
    Who scrutinize the loins and the heart,
    Let me see the vengeance you will take on them,
    For I have committed my cause to you.

    Nothing has changed since Jeremiah spoke those words. The brief window which allowed freedom of expression in public life in America has been closed by those who promote pornography and hate speech in its name. God allows the wicked to triumph for a time, but in the end it is the opponents of Logos who will stumble, confounded by their failure as long as we remain faithful to its Author, the Father of the Logos incarnate.
    Don’t give up hope! Keep spreading the message by liking this video, subscribing to Culture Wars magazine and most importantly, let everyone know that my books are still available at
    Culture Wars Magazine - Yearly Subscription
    Culture Wars Magazine is the premier resource for understanding how Cultural Warfare has advanced the interests of the American Empire and its systems of political control.
    FROM $35.00

    Culture Wars Magazine, 206 Marquette Avenue, South Bend, Indiana 46617, United States

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    Re: E. Michael Jones Books Banned by Amazon E. Michael Jones
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  • Is anyone surprised by this? I'm surprised it hadn't already happened.

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    Re: E. Michael Jones Books Banned by Amazon E. Michael Jones
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  • Many of his books can still be found online, such as here.
    St. Isidore e-book library:

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    Re: E. Michael Jones Books Banned by Amazon E. Michael Jones
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  • Is anyone surprised by this? I'm surprised it hadn't already happened.

    Likewise.  I'm very surprised that it took this long.


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