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Author Topic: SSPX getting entagled in Manila  (Read 410 times)

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SSPX getting entagled in Manila
« on: February 26, 2019, 03:05:36 PM »
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  • From Traditio:

    February 28, 2019 - Ferial Day
    Neo-SSPX Joins New Order in Fake Novus Ordo "Hour of Reparation"
     Fellay-Pagliarani Priest-presbyters thus Committed Public Idolatry, Blasphemy, and Sacrilege
    From: Thomas Indica, the TRADITIO Network's Indian Correspondent

    In accordance with Newchurch's Decree on Oecumenism
     Fellay-Pagliarani's Neo-SSPX Priest-presbyters Repaired
     To a Novus Ordo "Adoration Chapel" at Their Annual Meeting
     Where They Worshipped the Fake Novus Ordo Cookie
     These Multi-religious "Adoration Chapels" Were Erected
     By the First Paedophile Newpope, the "Unsaint" JPII-Wojtyla
     For the Neo-SSPX Openly to Have Participated Publicly
     In Such Idolatrous, Blasphemous, and Sacrilegious False Worship
     In A Novus Ordo Cathedral Indicates that Their Sellout Deal
     To Join the Apostate Newchurch of the New Order
     Has Effectively Been Signed Already
    On March 25, 1993, JPII-Wojtyla promulgated from his Pontifical Commission for Promoting Christian Unity the Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism, by which all Catholic Newchurches, shrines, and chapels officially became multi-religious. In order to assuage the feelings of concerned Newchurchers in case, for example, a Hindu puja was performed in a Newchurch, all parish churches, shrines, and chapels were fitted with "Adoration Chapels, in order to demonstrate that, in such circumstances, the fake Novus Ordo "Blessed Sacrament" would supposedly be secure in such chapel.
    The Neo-SSPX Newsletter documents that in the ”Adoration Chapel" of the Novus Ordo Metropolitan Cathedral of Manila, Philippines, priest-presbyters and Neo-brothers of the Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX Asian District repaired to join the Novus Ordo heretics there in a fake "Holy Hour of Reparation," at their annual meeting, on February 6, 2019, from 14:00 to 15:00. In worshipping at this "oecumenical" chapel, in which the fake Novus Ordo cookie is displayed in the monstrance, each of the Neo-SSPX clergy and religious were -- one must assume knowingly -- committing the grave sins of idolatry (because the cookie was a fake sacrament), blasphemy (as prayers were offered to a false Novus Ordo oecumenical god), and sacrilege (as a fake sacrament was simulated).
    For the Neo-SSPX openly to have participated publicly in such idolatrous, blasphemous, and sacrilegious false worship in a Novus Ordo cathedral indicates that its sellout deal to join the apostate Newchurch of the New Order has effectively been signed already and implies that the Neo-SSPX has accepted the following points for a sellout:
    • The Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX has signed some kind of sellout deal to the heretical Newchurch of the New Order, but the effective deal has not been made public.
    • The Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX recognizes the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess" of 1969.
    • The Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX recognizes the invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968 for the installation (which is not ordination) of presbyters (who are not priests).
    • The Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX has rejected the traditional Roman Catholic teachings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, whom they falsely claim to be their founder.
    • The Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX has committed perfidy against those Catholics who falsely reposed their faith in the Neo-SSPX to save their souls.
    • The Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX is scandalizing more and more of its members, who because of growing scandals within the Neo-SSPX itself, expulsion of Neo-SSPX members for legitimately dissenting from their self-serving leaders, and even signs of heresy from the true Faith, these scandalized members is now giving up the Catholic Faith entirely.
    Surely the Neo-SSPX under Bernie Fellay and now his puppet Davide Pagliarani is no longer the traditional Catholic Society of St. Pius X founded by the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre, who died in 1991. Fellay & Pagliarani have learned from Newchurch how to cover up their sins and malfeasance from their membership, just as Francis-Bergoglio and his henchmen have tried to cover up Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust from the world. Because of God's justice, evil will eventually out itself, so the world is now seeing the corruption in both the Newchurch of the New Order and in the Neo-SSPX.

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    Re: SSPX getting entagled in Manila
    « Reply #1 on: February 28, 2019, 12:33:52 AM »
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  • Why is the promotion of Eucharistic adoration so offensive to you?


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