Author Topic: are Jews white?  (Read 3157 times)

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Re: are Jews white?
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  • You, apparently, lack reading comprehension and inference reasoning.

    "When the great ruler exterminates the Turks almost entirely, ****one of the remaining Mohammadans**** will be converted, become a priest, bishop and cardinal..."

    "He, as well as Antichrist, are descendants of the tribe of Dan."

    Thus, we can infer that he is a Turk since he's a Muhammadan and almost all Turks were exterminated except himself, and he, and Antichrist, are from the Tribe of Dan as specifically mentioned by St. Hildegard.

    Also, have you ever heard of the Donmeh? They're Turkish crypto-Jews.
    I didn't dispute that that specific Mohammadan is of the Tribe of Dan, but St. Hildegard didn't say all Turks are. She just said some people say that. 


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