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Re: Man at my church
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  • Baptism of desire; God sees within the interior of the heart and responds with His mercy to every impulse of conversion.
    Baptism of desire is man's invention. It is God that gives the grace for conversion and it is God that takes ones life. If a person dies unbaptized, it is because they did not respond to God grace, and would have gone to hell even if they had been baptized and even if they had lived 1000 years.

    The gangster Dutch Schultz  responded to God grace and asked to be baptized into the Catholic Church. 

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    Re: Man at my church
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  • O.k., so it appears The Church teaches that.  On the other hand, I wouldn't want to risk it.  Furthermore, his reward in Heaven is apparently not as great as one who's tried to live a better life.  Moreover, The Church has changed its mind on issues like this in the past (like Limbo).  So yeah, Salvation can be attained and maybe even Purgatory avoided, but odds are that a life lived like that will cause you to abhor The Cross and all things Holy (like Dracula).  Hence, I would strongly advise against it.  


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