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  • Father Ringrose of St. Athanasius Church in Vienna VA, independent priest and long time friend of the SSPX, had this printed in his bulletin this morning and read from the pulpit:

    FR. RINGROSE: In 1965, a small band of faithful Catholics gathered around Fr. Gommar De Pauw and the seeds of St. Athanasius parish were planted, five years before the founding of the Society of St. Pius X. In 1969, one year before the SSPX was founded, St. Athanasius Church was founded to preserve the traditional Latin Mass and the traditional Catholic faith from the corruption initiated by Vatican II. By the grace of God, St. Athanasius has throughout the years remained faithful to its founding principles. St. Athanasius and the Society have worked side by side in the same vineyard of Our Lord for more than 40 years. We regard the Society as our friend, even to this day.

    As you know, the Society and Rome have been in negotiations in recent years to integrate the Society into the Conciliar Church. In our judgment, such an integration would violate our founding principles. We pray that the Society will make the right decision in favor of Tradition, that they will not take the bait. However, as we are not part of the negotiations, we have no control over the outcome. Dear people, please know that St. Athanasius will remain true to its founding principles regardless of the outcome.


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