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  1. If you don't vote, you are not a Christian
  2. love of perpetual virgins a sign of a religious or priestly vocation?
  3. They Want to Kill This Baby
  4. A Difficult Time
  5. Attend funeral of apostate parent?
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  7. Signs of a Cult
  8. Annulments and the Church’s approval
  9. Sin not to want to be sexually attracted to wife?
  10. Catholic Foundations of Mathematics
  11. The Supreme Pontiffs Key of Order
  12. Any Resistance chapels near Milwaukee, WI?
  13. chastisements have started
  14. Man at my church
  15. What is the matter with Cath Info?
  16. Should apostate relatives be disowned?
  17. Jesus forewarned that we would be hated/persecuted
  18. Novus order women
  19. Anyone doing Divine mercy sunday?
  20. Jews want to cash in on Holy Land Churches
  21. Anyone here disinherited b/c a traditional Catholic?
  22. Bishop Robert Dymek
  23. Catholic teaching/ sspx teaching on...
  24. birth control effects
  25. Fr. Pfeiffers circle is getting smaller
  26. They can't even defend the faith.
  27. What Exactly is the Magisterium?
  28. Deranged man punches Muslim girl in head - we should pray for him
  29. Father Christopher spray
  30. just overall perceptions: seems most refuse to obey Jesus
  31. He who laughs last laughs best.. eternity
  32. Woman- Destroyers of Mans Civilization
  33. Prayer request for a priest
  34. Farrakhan defends Jesus
  35. How to correct wife and children?
  36. Pervert Supreme court Ginsburg.
  37. Seductress Stilettos
  38. Lukewarm Catholics
  39. Divorce court took me away from my father, and destroyed my life?
  40. Obama
  41. hypothetical question
  42. what do you have a short fuse about?
  43. Jesus said most people go to Hell
  44. what is your worst "bad Catholic story"?
  45. American culture
  46. Haircovering long hair in Mass
  47. How long do you think we have left?
  48. What was the point..
  49. Feeling like there's no hope for me
  50. Is this appropriate for a chasuble?